Looking Back Through Downtown Raleigh In 2012

2012 wasn’t the most exciting year for Downtown Raleigh in my opinion. When looking back, there were no signature moments that really made 2012 stand out. The only fireworks were over Fayetteville Street on July 4th and on the internet the day after. I will say that 2012 was the year of the Resident. Residential […]

Looking Back at 2011 Article in the Raleigh Downtowner

I contributed to the latest edition of the Raleigh Downtowner Magazine with an article that looks back at our city’s progress in 2011. Many of the items that I go through are happening in downtown and have been mentioned on this blog before. Pick up a copy and check it out or read it online. […]

Downtown Raleigh 2011 In Review

Tubes of Light by dtraleigh, on Flickr 2011, what will we remember you by? All-star weekend or Hopscotch 2? Could the food truck saga of this year be the one that sticks out in your mind? Or perhaps, if affected, you may still be dealing with damage from the April tornadoes? On planning downtown Raleigh, […]

Downtown Raleigh 2010 In Review

The Middle City by dtraleigh, on Flickr Was 2010 good for you too? This was actually a pretty productive year from a planning point of view. There were a few major projects being planned that we all should follow over the next few years where it will really start to get interesting. From the street […]

Downtown Raleigh 2009 In Review

Another year, another Raleigh Wide Open, and another Beerfest are in the books. Back in January, I wrote a post about realistic goals that could happen within a year’s time for downtown Raleigh and I would like to re-visit that list. Read the 2009 Downtown Wishlist first. Grocery Store I’ll start out by saying what […]

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