Photos of Skyhouse Apartments in Atlanta

Skyhouse Apartments in Atlanta.

I just happened to be in Atlanta this past weekend and took a short detour into midtown. I found the currently under construction Skyhouse Apartments building, the same exact design that is being built in Downtown Raleigh.

I’ve posted more pictures over at the Raleigh Public Record here,

A Sneak Peek at the Skyhouse via Raleigh Public Record.

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  1. Not a bad design. Could be slightly different from Atlanta building so they a not sister buildings, but OK with that result. No reason this building could not have been taller.

    With that said, the building next to this on the other corner and across the street from the PNC Center MUST be a minimum of 10 stories taller than the PNC Center, CANNOT have a shorter building behind/next to the PNC Center. This is a perfect location for a office, hotel retail mix 40-50 story building. NONE on city council or commissioners board should approve anything less than 40 stories tall a this PRIME location. This area NEEDS a high end hotel witin this facility. This has to be a signature building. This building cannot be anything less than the Original Edison tallest building and design.

    “GET IT” CITY COUNCILORS!? Get yours heads out of your “you-know-whats”, clean off your faces and start to think with VISION.

  2. […] With way more than 10,000 apartments planned or under construction across Atlanta, whispers of the multi-family boom becoming the other b-word (hint: it rhymes with trouble) are swirling. Bisnow quoted one developer at a recent event who feels that lending for apartments projects is too strong right now. Stites Harbison’s JD Humphries dropped the dreaded “glut” term and added, “My question is are we repeating past ills? I think we’re beginning to see it.” To the contrary, others have recently, adamantly disagreed. [Bisnow] [SkyHose Midtown was at the apartment boom's forefront. Photo: dtraleigh] […]

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