I’m Leo Suarez and I’m passionate about downtown Raleigh. The purpose of this blog is to create interest and start conversations about Raleigh’s urban center.

Over the last decade, the “Renaissance” has come and Raleighites are firmly into this thing we call “downtown”. Planners over that time have executed and delivered. Now, as we enjoy the first round of revitalization, discussions continue on how to shape the future of the city’s largest urban center.

As an interested citizen, I want to chronicle the developments and planning taking place in downtown Raleigh. Transit, land use, and green space are just a few of many issues that I’m interested in. Today, the downtown economy is dominated by a buzzing startup scene and a healthy mix of dining and nightlife options.

This diversity of business and resident culture is all taking place within one of the smallest areas of the city. This blog is where we try to track all of it.

I live and work in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more about my professional activities, please see my LinkedIn page.