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The Three-Speed City

Ever since the electric scooter company, Bird, deployed in Raleigh everyone seems to have an opinion on this new form of personal mobility. Raleighites seem to be all over the spectrum but a recent survey run by the Raleigh DLA shows strong evidence that a majority of downtown residents and workers support e-scooters in downtown […]

Pic of the Week

The building at 107 West Hargett Street is being partially demolished. Covered in detail here, we can see that the rear, one-story section has been removed and will now have a five-story building that incorporates the brick, street-facing building that sits on the same property. I’m a big fan of this project and would love […]

Waiting on the Blount and Person Street Phase I Makeover

Blount Street. September 2018. A bike lane is planned to be installed this Fall. With planning going back to 2013, the first phase of the makeover for the Blount and Person Street duo should be starting soon. Design work for Phase 1 of the corridor has been completed and last I heard, the construction bids […]

Pic of the Week

The last time we checked in on FNB Tower, the crane had just showed up and things were getting started. Now, almost three months later it looks like the tower is making some real upward momentum with a floor being produced almost once per two weeks. Next, we’ll have to take a look at how […]

Pic of the Week

The Morgan Street Food Hall is now open! There are plenty of dining options for lunch and dinner throughout with a little retail on the side as well. Make sure to check out the vendors on their website ahead of time to avoid getting stuck in the crowds when it’s busy. Lunch and dinner have […]

The PNC Spire Lights Up Downtown Raleigh for 10 Years

Happy Fourth of July 2018, #Raleigh! Since downtown's fireworks were abandoned this year for the fairgrounds, I decided to head to Knightdale to look back on the city. This year's "fireworks with the Raleigh skyline" made possible by Raleigh citizens launching their own. — Matt Robinson (@metroscenes) July 5, 2018 See tweet by @metroscenes […]

The Cabarrus Street Train Station Has Now Been Demolished

All the attention, rightfully so, is going towards our new Union Station. That has left the former station on Cabarrus empty for only a short while. It has now been demolished and cleared away. Some pieces, including the benches and some of the wood canopy, were saved. Now the lot sits empty waiting the next […]

Pic of the Week

Construction is moving along over at Davie Street Presbyterian Church. The new addition will add a lot more space to the historic church at the corner of Davie and Person. See more about the plans here. Come discuss this project and others on the downtown Raleigh Community.

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