Pic of the Week

The site of the future Raleigh Union Station Bus Facility, or RUS Bus, is looking fresh as the final portions of the former warehouses have been removed. A subset of the walls from the old warehouses were saved and will be incorporated into the new building. You can see them at the corner of West and Hargett as well as the corner facing the Union Station plaza.

What we’re waiting for now is for the site plans to finish their review. You can dive into the public docs at case ASR-0068-2022 on the city’s website here. Highlights include about 585 apartments, ground-floor retail space, in addition to the site’s main purpose, a bus station. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Spring 2023 ground breaking.

Pic of the Week

400H has been getting all dressed up lately. The glass tower at 400 Hillsborough Street definitely looms over the street as you get into town and cross the bridge. The mixed-use project looks to be topped out and I imagine soon the tower crane will come down as workers add the finishing touches.

The tower should be open this Fall. Let’s review the stats of 400H. From bottom to top:

  • Gound-floor retail
  • Parking on floors 2 and 3
  • Office on floors 4 to 8
  • Amenities on floor 9
  • Apartments from 10 to 20

That’s a pretty good mix of uses which I’m hoping keeps this area vibrant seven days a week. Check out more about the project at 400hraleigh.com

Pic of the Week

Freedom Park has it’s signature piece installed. Work has been a bit slow but that can’t come to a surprise to anyone with the state of construction these days. A lot of earth moving has taken place since we’ve last checked in with the site and today you can see the outline of the walkways. The retaining wall edges of the walkway and plazas are somewhat in place also.

Get to know more about the project right here.

Pic of the Week

A set of townhomes that have been under construction all year are starting to look real good along South West Street. Dukes at Cityview are offering eight units at the corner of West and Lenoir.

These amenity-rich units are being sold on the higher end of the spectrum but offer quite a lot in addition to being at a great location. As of this post, their site shows four units sold already. Take a look for yourself.

Pic of the Week

The demolition of the warehouses along Hargett and West Street has really picked up. This shot above is from this past weekend, overlooking the site from the outdoor mezzanine at Union Station. It’s a bit surreal how much space there is here and if you have an opportunity to see it this week, I would recommend a walk around the site.

For a recap of what is planned here, see the RUS Bus tagged posts here.

Pic of the Week

Demolition is taking place at the now former home of the North Carolina Association of Educators building at the corner of South and Salisbury Street. The one-story campus with surface parking was tucked off the street some so it had always been something that you could easily miss. Even now, you have to zoom through the trees and bushes to see the pile of rubble that has to be taken away.

Coming soon will be Salisbury Square, a mix of apartments and office buildings. See this July 2020 post for a recap.

Pic of the Week

Seaboard Station is really humming. In the foreground above, Block A has been cleared even more with the former parking lot stripped away and trees removed. This piece will have hotel and apartment units.

In the background, Block B is getting bricked up and looking real nice. I expect the crane to come down soon but maybe it’ll be moved to Block A. Just a guess here.

Block C, not shown above, has fencing around it so perhaps demolition is upcoming. For a refresher on the layout of Seaboard Station, see this March 2022 post.