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Corner of Bloodworth and Hargett Streets

Corner of Bloodworth and Hargett Streets

The Hargett Place townhomes on East Hargett Street are pretty much a wrap from what it looks like. I imagine a form of this is the exact high-end product that balances urban living with convenient car access. Each side of the block has a driveway and each unit has a garage yet you can still exit through the front door and step down to the sidewalk.

While I love the historic rowhouses in other cities and wish to see a modern version of them here in town, this style of home is probably symbolic of our time. It’s a product of our built environment and how residents get around the city. That’s not a jab at it at all but rather an observation of current trends, a trend I think will continue for some time.

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Pic of the Week

10 Arros townhomes along New Bern Avenue. June 2018.

The townhomes shown above, called 10 Arros, along New Bern Avenue are close to being finished. Modern in style and across the street from City Cemetery, six of ten units have been sold as of this writing. The added density along a future BRT corridor is nice to see and walking in front, these units are nice and give an enjoyable urban residential feel to the street.

More of this, please.

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Pic of the Week

Revisn hotel under construction. June 2018.

What we’ve been calling Boylan Flats turns out to be an extended-stay hotel on Boylan Avenue and they appear to be getting close to looking like they will open. Called Revisn, the hotel offers fully furnished residential units for stays longer than 30 days.

I’m not sure Revisn helps with the hotel room needs directly but it’s certainly interesting that we may have a market for long-term stays in Raleigh. 30 days in a traditional hotel room gets old fast, I’m sure.

Pic of the Week

The Rogers House in its new home at the corner of Bloodworth and Cabarrus Streets.

The Rogers House has landed at its new home at the corner of Bloodworth and Cabarrus. It’s one of the two homes that were saved from West Street where The Fairweather, a 45-unit condo building, is planned to go. The second house, larger home, the neighbor to The Rogers House, could not be saved.

I’ll have to visit the West Street site next as crews start to work on The Fairweather. Meanwhile, the new foundation for the historic Fourth Ward house is already being put together as the renovation work is underway. It’s a good fit for the Prince Hall Historic District.

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Pic of the Week

Corner of Blount and Morgan Street

The corner of Blount and Morgan is looking very colorful these days.

Marbles have demolished the car service shop here and, for the time being, installed this colorful mural and plaza. It’s a dramatic difference for sure and with evening shade is quite pleasant to walk through.

With expansion plans on the horizon, Marbles is sure to grow and I can’t see it being a total shocker that this lot is a holdover for something much grander down the road.

Kudos to the team behind this install though as it’s a great contribution to downtown’s public space!

Map of the Week

Frequent bus network plan for 2025-2027

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There’s a survey out for anyone interested in expanded bus service and bus rapid transit in Wake that readers should probably take a look at. Jump to the survey here.

If you aren’t familiar, plans for expanded transit service will be rolling out between now and 2027. Downtown Raleigh is a central hub of the frequent network with the BRT lines coming in and out of downtown Raleigh. The survey focuses on the bus component only and I’m expecting the commuter rail portion, dropping passengers off at Raleigh Union Station, to come later.