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It’s not exactly a breathtaking view from the street but the Raleigh Union Station bus facility has most of the first floor poured out. Hargett Street has been closed for awhile now, and West Street is just a mess, as crews work on the future bus station that connects to the train station at Martin Street.

After seeing some of the administrative site plans, we can see that we’ll have three large driveway entrances along Hargett. Two are for the bus entrance and exits to the facility’s loop. The third will be for a ramp going to the upper floors for structured parking. I haven’t seen anything yet to indicate whether the parking will be for the future residential portion above, for the public, or for both.

I’m not sure if train riders who drive into downtown are doing overnight parking in the nearby parking deck at The Dillon but I would imagine that this option could be best used at this new station once it’s up and running.

Trains, buses, and density. It all creates many kinds of flexible travel options and the Warehouse District may become downtown’s busiest commuter hub in just a few years!

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