Pic of the Week

The first phase of Park City South is rising up. I think this one is going to be pretty cool and for more details as to why, you can review a more in-depth post from September 2022. The parking deck looks mostly put in place and now the apartment and retail spaces are being built.

In the photo above, you can see the intersection of South Saunders Street and Lake Wheeler Road. This intersection could look completely different one day as Lake Wheeler is set to get a big overhaul. Expect cycle paths, bigger sidewalks, and roundabouts. You can see more on the city’s website here.

I’ll drop a screen grab of one plan showing the intersection above and what it could look like in the near future.

A Walk Around Shaw University

There’s a big rezoning case that’s now being discussed at council. Basically, a majority of Shaw University’s campus is up for an increase in height, if approved. There has been a lot of public comment on this one, from residents and alumni, with concerns. In short, the university is sitting on very valuable land and with the ability to build taller, they can explore options to expand or even partner with developers to lease land for new development.

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Gale Street Rezoning For Greater Height, Less Surface Parking

One of the latest rezoning cases for downtown Raleigh, Z-87-22, is up for a public hearing at the city council. This has all the indicators of passing without issue. The planning commission discussion was light, which you can watch here and here. There are very few nearby homeowners. The Raleigh Convention Center is next door. Finally, I’m not sure you can find that many better spots for taller buildings in downtown.

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Char-Grill Gets Rezoned, Lots of Historic Preservation Upcoming

Multiple properties around, and including, the Char-Grill on Hillsborough Street have now been rezoned. Submitted around June 2022, the developer and various property owners have made historic preservation a key component of this rezoning. It also helps that a Char-Grill will be the first business to open in the future developments.

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