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Baseball in Downtown Sketch

[UPDATE #5: Another submit by Will] Click for larger [UPDATE #4: Will has submitted another round of sketches.] Click for larger Railroad tracks remain unmoved, serve as backdrop for center field and soccer goal. (“Railhawks” takes on a new meaning)! Single stadium provides for both baseball and MLS while fitting nicely into the footprint. -Dual-purpose […]

Holiday 2014 Open Thread

There has been plenty of conversation about a variety of topics lately and I try and group them together to relevant posts on the blog. For this week, I’m throwing up an anything goes post as we wind down to the end of the year. Recent interesting downtown Raleigh news: News & Observer looking to […]

My Interview on This is Raleigh

Link – Click here to listen on SoundCloud – This is Raleigh: Leo Suarez Embedded and linked above, you can listen to my interview on “This is Raleigh”, a show hosted by Ben McNeely that plays on Little Raleigh Radio. I enjoyed talking to Ben about transit, parking, and this blog. Make sure to follow […]

Turkey Day Musings

Blogging has been slow but work continues behind the scenes on a new project for the website. This I hope to share within a few weeks and hopefully gets the ball rolling. In the mean time, here’s a topic for everyone to discuss over the weekend. If you didn’t know already, the acorn in Moore […]

RalCon Grows Legs, Celebrates Four Years of Blogging

The Raleigh skyline from the Boylan Bridge in February 2007. RBC Plaza may be the tallest structure in Raleigh but RalCon has it beat with age and wisdom. Today four years ago, this blog started and has been steady ever since. Downtown Raleigh has plenty of stuff going on and those paying attention should know […]

Touching It Up

Old Coke by dtraleigh, on Flickr taken on October 11th, 2007. Click for larger. Taken on February 13th, 2010. I had taken a picture of this Coca-Cola ad on one of the walls along Lane Street back in 2007. I now have the touched up version. Which do you prefer?

RalConniversary: 3 Photos, With Wallpaper!

While not necessarily the best photos that have appeared on the blog, these three make for great desktop wallpaper. I’ve used them myself and now want to share them. I’ve included multiple versions of the most common screen resolutions used by readers of RalCon, gathered by the power of analytics, as well as the original […]

How Much Fun Did You Have During The Winter Storm of 2010?

I’m sure lots of people were enjoying the winter weather we had this weekend, especially the kids that are staying home from school this week. For those that watched the local news each and every minute up until the storm, I’m also sure it is a big relief that the apocalypse did not happen. For […]

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