8 Thoughts After 10 Years of Blogging

[Quick note. This post will be at the top for a few weeks as I have a work-related trip out of the country. I’ll pick things up when I return.] Ten years ago today, this blog, this side project, this hobby of mine, got started. Today, there’s over 1100 posts written and photographed to what […]

RalCon Turns Nine

Click for larger Today marks nine years of blogging here at ye olde blog. The most notable accomplishment in the last year was hitting 1,000 posts but nine straight years of keeping this thing moving has been pretty rewarding. For those that don’t know, this blog is a side project, a way to flex my […]

RalCon Turns Eight

Just like downtown Raleigh, this website is never finished but always a work in progress. RalCon is now eight years old and there are a ton of good things to talk about and photograph this year. The photo above was taken on April 13, 2008. In the photo, you can see the construction of the […]

RalCon Turns Seven Today, Stride Isn’t Slowing Down

Downtown Raleigh in July, 2006. Lucky number seven? The blog has made it another year and maybe this time I will figure out something to do to celebrate it. A Raleigh beer perhaps? What I do like to do is use this time to dig into the photo vault and take something out. Sure we […]

Today, RalCon Fills a Six Pack of Blogging History

We’ve made it to six, SIX years of blogging. Let me get up and dance real quick……….. I really have no interesting story about how this website was started. I was bored at work one day and started blogging. It just stuck and here we are. What can you expect from this blog in the […]

Patting Myself On The Back Day, 5 Years of RalCon

Five years and going strong.

RalCon Grows Legs, Celebrates Four Years of Blogging

The Raleigh skyline from the Boylan Bridge in February 2007. RBC Plaza may be the tallest structure in Raleigh but RalCon has it beat with age and wisdom. Today four years ago, this blog started and has been steady ever since. Downtown Raleigh has plenty of stuff going on and those paying attention should know […]

Three Years of RalCon. Three Years of Downtown Geeking.

Yes, this is true. The RalCon blog turns three today and in order to celebrate, a theme of three will take over for the next few days. I’d invite all readers out for a beer but maybe I’ll save that move for when DTRaleigh hits a larger milestone. Anyway, it all started as a hobby […]

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