RalCon Grows Legs, Celebrates Four Years of Blogging

The Raleigh skyline from the Boylan Bridge in February 2007.

RBC Plaza may be the tallest structure in Raleigh but RalCon has it beat with age and wisdom. Today four years ago, this blog started and has been steady ever since. Downtown Raleigh has plenty of stuff going on and those paying attention should know that there is always something to talk about.

My biggest disappointment is not having enough time to really take this blog further and carry out my ideas. Slowly, it will all happen.

The support of the blog has been great and I want to thank every reader for following. The blog generates no money and there are no plans for ever monetizing it through advertising. For those interested, I’d like to share some visitor statistics.

  • Estimated RSS subscribers: 900
  • Estimated E-mail subscribers: 150
  • Average Monthly unique visitors: 3000

I seldom get e-mails with questions or comments for me and “my authors”. It is funny to me that some think there is a crew behind the website but let me assure you that this is a one man show. If you are interested in contributing however, get in contact with me and we can work something out. As long as your writing is relevant to downtown Raleigh, there is room for it on RalCon.

In 2011, my goal is to push the RSS subscribers up past the 1000 mark, even with my modest personality and no desire to market this thing.

Thanks again for following.

Three Years of RalCon. Three Years of Downtown Geeking.

Yes, this is true. The RalCon blog turns three today and in order to celebrate, a theme of three will take over for the next few days. I’d invite all readers out for a beer but maybe I’ll save that move for when DTRaleigh hits a larger milestone.

Anyway, it all started as a hobby and I’m still keeping it going. I was the guy that hated English classes in school and now I write in my free time. What are the odds? I had hoped to have a special announcement for this day but it’s not quite ready yet. Everyone will have to wait.

For now, enjoy a blast from the past and look at the blog archived on October 15th, 2007. (via archive.org)