1. That’s the face of a man who cares.

    *Paid for by Leo for Raleigh City Council super PAC*

  2. Awesome, Leo. Looking forward to future collaboration with ya around America’s Best City. Big year for you!

  3. I wish you many more years and all of them happy and exciting :) It is very hard to keep up with the news and remain sane, so you deserve the pat in the back for the consistently great work you have done all these years.

  4. Love the website. Once of the best detailing cultural stuff around Raleigh. Now, if you’d just separate your personal stuff out of your Twitter feed, I could follow that, too!

  5. Thanks for your 5 years of work on this blog, Leo! I check it almost every day. Raleigh is a great city with some great people, and you are one of them!

  6. You are a gentleman and a scholar, and I’m (1) glad I know you and (2) glad you live in my town and take such a passionate interest in it. I love the stuffing out of this place, too. :D

  7. You are a connoisseur and a Raleighite, and I’m (1) glad you blog and (2) glad you blog about my city and are so level headed in doing so. You’re work is greatly appreciated. :)

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