Weekend Exposure: The Boiling Wye

The Boylan Wye, April 2016. Click for larger I call it the “Boiling” Wye as the activity has really heated up! The photo above was taken from the Boylan Avenue bridge and ahead of the Raleigh skyline, you can see the construction site of the upcoming Raleigh Union Station. More than the building itself, work […]

Weekend Exposure: Moore Fall

Fall has arrived in downtown Raleigh.

Weekend Exposure: Life Found a Way

Take a guess where.

Weekend Exposure: Sidewalk Xs

I’ve noticed a lot of sidewalks with these Xs pop up around downtown. It typically means they are marked for replacing. To expand this urban environment that we experience, tall buildings are nice but it’s the details, the stuff we don’t notice every day that’s worth looking at. Sidewalks are the arteries of a downtown […]

Weekend Exposure: The Rockford

The Rockford by dtraleigh, on Flickr

Pic of the Week

SECU Tower on Salisbury Street The SECU Tower on Salisbury Street looks very close to being finished. Walking by, you can see the lobby needs just a little more work before it’s done. This is my favorite modern building in downtown Raleigh.

Weekend Multi-Exposure

I love Raleigh in March. Enjoy this multi-photo stitch of the skyline from this past weekend and explore the full, large version.

Weekend Exposure: First Night Time Lapse

Time Lapse – Raleigh First Night 2012 from Leo Suarez on Vimeo. I was out on Fayetteville Street New Year’s Eve for First Night taking photos for this time lapse. Recently, I’ve made more of an effort to get out there and try grabbing more photos to make videos like this. A lot of fun.

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