Weekend Exposure: First Night Time Lapse

I was out on Fayetteville Street New Year’s Eve for First Night taking photos for this time lapse. Recently, I’ve made more of an effort to get out there and try grabbing more photos to make videos like this. A lot of fun.

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  1. First: Agree with Thomas, build an arena and a Mudcats stadium downtown

    Next: Anyone know if there is a Raleigh Planning Group/Raleigh Sports Group or someone taking charge to build an ACC Basketball Hall of Fame in Dowtown Raleigh (where it belongs)?
    Similar to football in Atlanta (where it does not belong)
    Someone needs to push this for Raleigh, it belongs here and NO WHERE else. This coming from a below average basketball fan. This would be a disgrace if built anywhere else (and it does not belong in any other NC city)! This is ACC BB Country, plan for this now.

  2. I say, if they want to put the ACC BB hall of fame in ATL, then that’s that. Bt what Raleigh or Durham or RTP needs to do is build the Tobacco Road hall of fame because, really.. Do we care about GT, BC, FSU, or do we really care about the Big Four.

    A museum with a central core, a wing each for DU, UNC, NCsU, and WF.. Then add winglets for NCCU, St. Aug, Shaw, Campbell, and perhaps Wake Tech…

    I like it…

  3. The ACC Basketball Hall of Champions is in Greensboro. Duke and Carolina both have their own museums (State might have one too but I’m not sure).

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