I like to do more than just write and snap photos of my city. The blog is my production site. For experiments and tinkering, we have RalCon Projects. This collection of ongoing ‘works in progress’ are my ways of tinkering with new things across web tech, in-person, and data. Let’s call it my DTRaleigh résumé.

DT Eats

Take a look through all the eats and drinks that downtown Raleigh has to offer. The DT Eats list is a simple way to remind yourself of what’s out there. Cheers!

Go to DT Eats

Maps, Charts, and Data

With a growing interest in data, I am slowly putting together a variety of maps and charts that support my blog posts. Here is a collection of posts that show off that kind of work.

Community – Online

It’s been years since we’ve had comments on this blog. Instead, the online discussion takes place on a Discourse-hosted site simply called the DTRaleigh Community. Jump over to check out the chatter and a lot more photos of downtown Raleigh.

Community – In-Person

For a bit of face-to-face neighborly conversation and all things downtown Raleigh fandom, we have a monthly meetup with no agenda. Join our Meetup and we hope to see you in-person.