Mapping the New Bern TOD, NCODs, and HODs, Oh my!

I’m getting so bad at blog post titles these days. I really do apologize for that one.

What I am getting better at is working with maps and data. It’s still a work in-progress but I wanted to put out this map, shown above, related to the currently proposed New Bern Station Area Plan. You can jump into this topic over at the city’s website as well as this post from Jan 2023.

The legend is a bit large so to see the map in a larger format, go here.

Here, we are viewing a few things at once including:

  • All 744 parcels included in the city’s rezoning request (case: Z-92-22)
  • Nearby Historic Overlay Districts (HOD)
  • Nearby Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Districts (NCOD)

Alongside existing NCOD and HOD east of downtown, the rezoning case will apply Transit Overlay District (TOD) zoning to a majority of the 744 parcels. The remainder will just have a change in their base zoning. In the map, you can click on a property and see its existing zoning and proposed zoning under this case.

If you’re into this kind of map-based view, make sure to check out a similar map with a lot more up-to-date information from the city here. The parcel count is not final as property owners have requested to either be included in the rezoning, excluded, or change their zoning.

The case is currently going through the planning commission process and has seen plenty of feedback and public comments. This makes sense as 744 properties are impacted versus the typical single-digit amount of other cases. The commission has a deadline in November to make a recommendation and will most likely amend the property list of the rezoning case so what you see here is not final.

Here are some high-level observations.

  • The rezoning is concentrated in the New Bern Avenue corridor, including Edenton Street close to downtown.
  • Proximity to major roads such as Poole Road, New Bern and Edenton, dictate whether a property is proposed for a rezoning or not.
  • Oakwood Avenue and parts of Raleigh Boulevard are included as well.
  • While within the Oakwood HOD, only properties along Edenton and New Bern are included
  • Is the New Bern – Edenton NCOD even needed anymore? Has it served it’s purpose and need to be updated? It has a lot of overlap with the proposed TOD zoning.
  • The changes to the King Charles NCOD are only along major roads.

Personally, I have come out in support of this rezoning as it compliments our upcoming Bus Rapid Transit improvements for this corridor. More housing around transit is the direction I’d like to see Raleigh take.

As the other BRT corridors come along in the planning process, I’d like to also create a similar map for them as well. At the same time, I’m sure our city’s planning staff will continue to create helpful visuals and online tools. If you are near these areas, I encourage you to take the time to explore the provided information and get caught up.

We’re also discussing Bus Rapid Transit and these changes over on the Community. Any questions are welcomed!

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