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SECU Tower

Tower on Salisbury Street

The SECU Tower on Salisbury Street looks very close to being finished. Walking by, you can see the lobby needs just a little more work before it’s done. This is my favorite modern building in downtown Raleigh.


Who would’ve though that generally conseravtive NC SECU would’ve brought us a building that was so different (for Raleigh)? Bravo! Love the lighting at night as well.

I love the light accent that runs up the tower.

beautiful building. great job to designers and builders.

I do love this building, especially at night.

Developers: more of this please.

I love this building. So well done.

Its an interesting building.

Who’d a thunk. Hopefully this marks the official end of stick and stucco.

This kind of reminds me of the Shard in London. Overall, the Museum and SECU expansion have been great successes.

This is a decent building but not my favorite modern building downtown. That title goes to Capital Bank Plaza.

Heh…the only negative thing about this building is that at night it makes all the surrounding blocks seem dark and dreary in comparison! :-)

I’ll be working in the building when it’s finally finished and am really looking forward to it assuming parking isn’t a pain in the ass

Beautiful photo :)

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