WUNC’s Piece on the SECU

SECU Tower by dtraleigh, on Flickr

Here’s a good article about the North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union, something readers are probably familiar with as their new tower, shown above, will be opening soon.

State Employees’ is considered a big credit union on a national scale. It is approaching $27 billion in assets and has a membership base of 1.8 million people.

*Down Economy Equals Growth At State Employees’ Credit Union

The article also claims that employees will start moving into their new offices in late September.

I’ve said it before, the SECU tower is my favorite modern building in downtown Raleigh. It’s kind of a surprise from a ‘sleepy’ institution in town but their building, as well as millions of dollars of investment in the nearby museums, should not go unnoticed. I liked this article cause it shares some history of this growing presence right up the street.

Rendering Bonus, Green Square and SECU Tower

click for a larger gallery of renderings.

Sure Green Square is nothing new and we’ve been watching construction on this baby for over two years now. But the overlooked SECU tower, a separate project from Green Square is starting to rise out of the ground so renderings help give us a nice look at the future.

Enjoy some of these renderings of the SECU tower, now under construction, as well as some more of Green Square that you may not have seen already. Click on the image above for a gallery.

Thanks to Tom at preVision and O’Brien/Atkins Associates, PA for the wonderful renderings.

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