1. Daniel: Since I went on BidClerk ‘s site this weekend , I got a call from John that is with BidClerk . He was super nice & he confirmed that the 11 – story hotel will be on Salisbury St. Wanted to pass this on to everyone .
    Dwight Nipper

  2. Dwight, Any idea where on Salisbury? Looking at a map, I don’t see anywhere that could hold an eleven story hotel without having to demo existing buildings. Unless it is south of the convention center, but I thought that was supposed to be a 7 story hotel? Did the plans change?

  3. Daniel , It is like Ernest said , on site #4 which is the small parking lot on the corner of Salisbury St. , Lenior St. South St . It is right across from the convention center south between Salisbury St. & McDowell St. There is a parking deck there also , which the hotel plans to use also that is owned by the city , plus their hotel deck . Dwight

  4. That’s a good spot for a hotel. Also, that will add to the “money shot” of DTR, correct? At least in expanding it to the side…

  5. Jeff – It WILL add to the money shot…… but what it “adds” I’m still not sure…. one of the ugliest hotel designs ever seen. Looks like a hotel that belongs next to an airport. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited something is moving in there, but damn is it ugly. Just look back through older posts on here, you’ll find the design, Leo posted it a while ago. It’s…… it’s not pretty.

  6. Thanks for the jump, Leo. Looking back… it’s ugly but it will at least add SOMETHING extra to the “money shot” – after hearing about the recent changes to the Edison office building (it’s going to be much taller now!), and Charter Square North AND South tower going up, it looks like we will have a few more additions to our money shot. Now we just need something(s) in between PNC plaza and the Wells Fargo building to reeeeeeally fill it out. Soon enough! Also worthy of note: the new Residence Inn going up (the one being discussed) will have THREE separate retail/restaurant spaces along the street level- something that Salisbury st is in need of. With Deco’s upcoming parklet, and A. Christensen’s upcoming Death & Taxes, Salisbury st will be on its way to a renaissance!

  7. The final renders for the Residence in look okay actually. The city had some sway in the appearance of the place. Vastly better than the Marriott. Those first renders were pretty barfy though.

    It’s paltry compared to the Lafayette that would’ve been there of course, but I’d rather not think about that.

  8. 5/2015.

    Does anyone have an update rendering of the Edison office tower now that it apparently is “much taller” than the original recent rendering?

  9. I had dinner @ Cooper’s BBQ this evening right before their 6 p.m. closing & I got a chance to talk to the owner . He said that he was told that The Edison had increased to 24 stories , but he did not say who told him this . I know that Ernest said that he saw plans for 19 stories . It does sound a lot better than the 13 stories . Dwight Nipper

  10. Sorry, Jeff. Have tried multiple times to post the link but these comments won’t even let me post the name of the website!

  11. I’ll try again. Go to (without spaces) go go raleigh . com – and go down to the post from July 15th

  12. That’s interesting. It is obviously taller than the earlier rendering, but without colors or detail it’s hard to tell too much. I wonder if they scrapped the earlier style completely to make it taller, or if it will resemble it in some ways.

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