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Corner of Wilmington and Davie Streets

Corner of Wilmington and Davie Streets, future site of The Edison Apartments. The two-story brick buildings have been removed and the site is cleared for new construction.

Here’s a photo of the same corner in 2008.

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  1. Who knows, maybe with the recent revelations that The Edison office bldng will be much taller than originally planned, maybe the (abysmal) plans for a lame 6 story rectangle here will get a height boost too!

  2. Jake,

    What’s the recent news on the height of the Edison office building? I had not heard anything other than “13 stories”.

  3. The latest Edison Offices site plan for review shows a 19-story structure (including an integrated parking deck and the 13th floor that is usually omitted), but I don’t want to raise hopes, as the plan may be related to other features of the site plan and not the actual building. As for the apartments, the only thing I can hope for is that the developers don’t get financing. I am afraid that crap is going to be built and we’ll have to look at it until we die.

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