Pic(s) of the Week

Now that the parking deck is finished, with hopefully new retail to follow very soon, how long until the ‘ole girls’ meet their fate?

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  1. I can’t wait for the Edison to start construction, but at the same time I really really love those little buildings. :(

    Too bad they can’t just keep the facades intact and just build around them. You’d be walking into the Edison retail spaces, but the entrances would all be from the old frontages.

  2. The northern-most building, bordered by Martin Street, in the second picture, known for its colorful shoes and suits has a sign in the window, “EVERYTHING MUST GO”… I guess that side will be the first to go seeing as how Taz opened up another shop on the Davie Street side of the lot.

  3. I will certainly lament for the loss of these low-rises, although I see no impressive architecture worth saving, but the impact The Edison will have on our downtown – not only in terms of the skyline – is going to make this loss nothing to cry over.

    Certainly, I am ecstatic to know that Cooper’s BBQ will be part of The Edison, as this business is the most historic entity that deserves saving in this block, IMHO. Hopefully, other existing small businesses will be preserved by being moved to new facilities in this block.

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