Lots of RTN Video For Your Labor Day Staycation

For those of you leaving town this weekend, you are excused from this exercise. For the rest of the DT Raleigh staycationers that want more online Raleigh material, there are lots of videos on the Raleigh city website for your viewing pleasure. The video of the month contains lots of videos for the month of August. You can get some information about the convention center, Raleigh Wide Open, and the shimmer wall to name a few topics. This will prepare you for the week ahead. I’m sure you can guess what we will be talking about in the coming days right?

Video of the month page – RaleighNC.gov

Note: Videos work much better in Internet Explorer.

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  1. I recently discovered how great those videos are for those of us who love seeing and learning more about Raleigh. Highly recommended!!!

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