Char-Grill Gets Rezoned, Lots of Historic Preservation Upcoming

Multiple properties around, and including, the Char-Grill on Hillsborough Street have now been rezoned. Submitted around June 2022, the developer and various property owners have made historic preservation a key component of this rezoning. It also helps that a Char-Grill will be the first business to open in the future developments.

You can watch the final discussion, presentation, and vote above (or on YouTube directly) at the March 7 council meeting which includes the Char-Grill owner and details of the conditions. Highlights of that include:

  • The Elmwood House should be relocated
  • The Char-Grill’s current location is to be photographed and documented
  • The three existing houses at 14 North Boylan will be offered up to anyone for relocation or for salvage

My vote for Elmwood is to place it at one of the empty lots along Blount Street. I’ve always thought a kind of “mansion row” along Blount starting at Peace and ending at the Governor’s Mansion could be a cool attraction for Downtown Raleigh. I’ll leave that idea for another post though.

If you look at some of the past house moves, they tend to go east. If the remaining houses are moved, I imagine that’s where they’ll head.

I think it’s time for a steak junior.

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