No Ketchup Allowed At The Roast Grill

While Fayetteville St. is going through its re-birth and as Glenwood South grows right before our eyes, The Roast Grill has seen it all and is still doing what they do best. It has been sitting at its location at 7 South West St. since 1940 and has been offering burnt hot dogs to all of downtown.

Do not be fooled by the limited toppings, these dogs are no joke and the chili recipe is fantastic. With almost all the original equipment, the Roast Grill is a great place for something simple and quick. Enjoy the Tootsie Rolls after your dogs.

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  1. better get there right when they open or you will be waiting in a line out the door. there are about 10 seats in the whole place.

  2. I went by there today for lunch…2 hot dogs, mustard, chili and slaw to go. It was about 12:50, and while the place was basically full (doesn’t take much!), at that hour it wasn’t the mad crush it can often be. If you order to go you can usually get in and out pretty quick; Standing up front by the grill helps because you can usually catch George’s eye. For the old time sit-down ambience experience, I go on Saturdays when the place isn’t so crowded. Anytime, though, the hotdogs are the best! Also, next time you’re there, look for another chunk of Raleigh history in the little hand written plaque drawn in the cement in the side walk out front: “Mary Charles_Hot Dogs_1940.”

  3. ketchup should not belong on hotdogs!! hot weiners is the same way. they even got these shirts, it is funny.

  4. Man… we grew up on the Roast Grill… 2 dogs, chili, mustard, slaw, a glass bottled coke and piece of pound cake! It’s amazing I’m not as big as a house!

    You definitely need to try the pound cake… best in town!

    Sorry Granny…

  5. I made a wrong turn down the street and the neon pulled me in. George and his mom know how to throw it down. 3 dogs,2 Miller High Lifes and a slice of homemade pound cake was the ticket.
    Ya don’t need no stinking ketchup when ya have chili like that.
    In the words of my west coast boss “I’ll be back”

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