Marriott Hotel Opening in July

The Marriott hotel’s website says that it will be opening in July. This is approximately one month before the convention center is set to open during Raleigh Wide Open III. I think it is safe to assume that Fayetteville St. will be finished if they plan to open next month. Cars will need access to the round lobby driveway on the newer section of Fayetteville St. The parking deck underneath will also need to be finished and access to it is on Lenoir St. so construction there will have to be completed. This works out well because the hotel will have some time to get things up and running before the first convention even starts.

I am very much interested to see what will end up in the “coffee shop” and “restaurant” space on Fayetteville St. according to this floor plan.

The circle driveway

Wide Fayetteville St. sidewalks will look the same

Anxiously waiting for Salisbury St. to open up

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  1. Is the sidewalk in front of the Marriott on “F Street” level? It looks like it slopes down hill towards Raleigh Memorial. If so, what kind of outside eating or drinking experience will that be on unlevel ground? Amazing, could not even get that right – that is not acceptable – where the heck is city council – what are these idiots doing!

    Note: What an ugly finished wall on the Marriott across from the convention center entrance. This developer should never be allowed to work in this city again. What an UGLY/Pathetic street level experience (what will a visitor think when they walk out of the convention center and stare at a blank wall after sitting in a conference room for (2) half day sessions (looks like a factory with a garage door entrance – this hotel is a JOKE! – Marriott should be embarrassed to put their name on this site).

  2. Kristen, thanks for that link. I thought the Starbuck’s was a rumor but now it looks like it is official.

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