RalCon Turns Seven Today, Stride Isn’t Slowing Down

Downtown Raleigh, July 2006.

Downtown Raleigh in July, 2006.

Lucky number seven? The blog has made it another year and maybe this time I will figure out something to do to celebrate it. A Raleigh beer perhaps?

What I do like to do is use this time to dig into the photo vault and take something out. Sure we all like the real historic photos but it can be amazing to see the difference in just a few short years. Above is a shot from the Wilmington Station Deck looking south on a warm July day in 2006. What’s different?

I’m thinking of throwing a party at number 10. Until then, we can plan for it and enjoy the downtown. Cheers!

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  1. You should have an informal mixer for the blogger folks. You’ve got the following I think your readers are craving more updates. You may be surprised at the junkies out there who could help contribute content!

  2. Happy anniversary! I check this site almost daily for updates and information. Thanks for all the work you do on Raleigh’s behalf!

  3. Leo,
    I love your site! Thanks so much for it. I read it quite a few times everyday. Very informative about what’s going on in all our downtown developement that is going on.

    Dwight Nipper

  4. Congrats Leo! Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Have you dug anything up on the rumor about a downtown Publix?

  5. I’ve got nothing on that. The skeptic in me thinks that when a business like Publix says ‘downtown’ they really mean ITB. We’ll see what, if anything, happens.

  6. Ernest:
    I was with a city offical this week & he showed me the plans for Hilton Garden Inn . It is 9 stories & it is close to the “L” Bldg. He has not heard anything lately from the developer. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.
    Dwight Nipper

  7. Dwight,

    I think you answered in the wrong thread/topic, but that’s fine. Thanks for the update, though. Although I would like to see something much taller in that spot – one of the reasons is to “block” the view of the jail in the skyline, at least from some angles.

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