11 Years of RalConography


View of downtown Raleigh from the Boylan Bridge, September 2007. Click for larger

Today, we’ve made it to 11 years of downtown Raleigh conversations, writing, and photography. It’s hard to follow year 10 but I’ll still be treating myself to a drink today to celebrate this milestone.

While I was working on an official definition of RalConography, I stumbled on this 2007 skyline photo that I wanted to share. From here, you can see PNC Plaza, then RBC Plaza, being built. The Marriott hotel and Raleigh Convention Center are still under construction. The Boylan Wye is in shambles with overgrown shrubs and myriad scraps piled high. A number of residential and office projects have yet to be seen.

That’s all changed of course and with 11 years of material the blog also takes on an archiving role which I’m enjoying very much.

This also becomes my annual ask for reader donations.

Rolled out last year quietly, I’ve been getting support from readers without even asking. I want to thank those that have contributed so far. I truly appreciate the support.

Contributors will be my first contacts with any major updates I have coming in the future. If a Raleigh digital archive or Raleigh Development Wire service sounds interesting to you, please consider contributing and you’ll be in the know before anyone else.

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I’d love to see a side by side comparison of that photo with a current one from the same spot. Great job on this site by the way.

Definitely. I’ve made a note to retake it again this September, try to really make it look like the same.

That will be really interesting Leo! I look forward to it.

Congrats Leo, well done. Have enjoyed this site since day one!!

Any news on N&O site.
Also, any news from owner if city market (this area has added
very little if nothing for decades)?
The parking lot across from the school, great
location for 15-20 story building with city market
look for it, retail facing the 3 streets.

It’s kind of weird that we haven’t heard anything from anyone concerning N&O, 301, 400H???

I forgot to add The Edison 20 story building to the “what are we waiting for” list… :-(

@Anthony: City Market recently announced they are applying for a rezoning so that they can turn the main parking lot (behind ArtSpace, next to Big Ed’s) into an outdoor seating area for some of their restaurants – I am so for this! Would be PACKED in the spring/summer/fall.

@Anthony and Robert: I can only say that when the N&O sale news broke, the developers said they’d be announcing their plans closer to March, if I recall correctly. Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.

Great work Leo!

Congrats Leo!

@Robert, from my office I have a bird’s eye view of the FNB site. No activity yet. Come on, do something!

I’m guessing most sites are just waiting on Amazon’s decision. It would not surprising me if we start seeing requests for 50 story residential towers if Amazon chooses Raleigh. Just look at Austin, TX.

I believe FNB breaks ground in February. Already has decent about of pre-leased space.

Leo, thanks for the great site.

Thanks for the kind words all! I really appreciate it.

FNB Tower Agenda is on schedule for council meeting this Tuesday February 6th ! Smokey Hollow & FNB will start soon !

Very much looking forward to both. Do you know why it’s back before the council? I would think both would be past the approval process and be ready to start.

Jeff , It’s not on the agenda for approval , it’s on because of legal stuff concerning the parking garage & easement work that has to be approved by the council .

Ah, gotcha. Thanks!

Anyone know what’s going on at Cargill site? The large tanks have been demolished. Hopefully it is all coming down.

Hey Stew , Cargill’s Site is for sale !

Malik better drop that pipe-dream government property stadium and grab the Cargill site and a few a few of those warehouses. Perfect location for something other than cheap wood frame low density ‘medium density’ development. *cough*Walnut Terrace*cough*

@Fran. I agree that the Cargill site would be an amazing location for a soccer stadium, though it doesn’t afford as much nearby walkable experience for fans as the site he prefers.
As for Walnut Terrace, I agree; that was the worst land use decision that the city government has, perhaps, ever made. They built a suburban model project on a huge chunk of prime urban land. The stadium could have gone there, or at least some sort of high density and walkable project inclusive of the existing housing units.

What’s walkable about that site? Crossing MLK at that point is a nightmare… and walk to what? Performing Arts and McDonalds?

^ Any part of Fayetteville street/downtown…

@CarnifeX That area will face heavy redevelopment. Blount St will be converted to two-way street and Wilmington St will support the southern route of the Bus Rapid Transit System. All the houses will eventually give way to multi-family/story units, etc.

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