Put a Plaza On It: North West Street

Raleigh Magazine had a great event earlier this month in downtown Raleigh. While this post is not about the event exactly, you can’t help but spot the urbanism that took place during it. A parking lot was taken over for one night to bring people together to celebrate Raleigh’s hospitality industry. Easily, over 100 people were in this space, covered by a tent, where about a dozen or so cars typically park. I attended the event and couldn’t help but notice that this space works much better for people rather than for cars.

At the same time, it’s not like giving this parking lot a people-centered makeover tomorrow is going to infuse it with people immediately. Over time, as more residents and visitors keep coming to downtown Raleigh, more interesting space should be built to add to the “interestingness” of the area.

Where else could we add more plazas and people-oriented spaces in downtown? I bet we could make a list of them in a future post.

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