1. Nice View…never realized there were so many buildings below 8 stories until now. It just needs about 8 – 10 buildings above 45 stories to even things out a bit.

  2. Emanuel, I am with you, buddy!!! I can’t wait for The Edison to make the difference, but I can’t help envision other sections getting high-rises and skyscrapers. Unfortunately, the State Government complex – dominates the left side of the photo – isn’t going to get much, except for the 12-story NC SECU mid-rise, which will appear right below the blue crane you see at the leftmost of the image.

    While the view from the West At North is really nice, the underutilized parcels give the feeling of emptiness. Powerhouse Plaza may be a good fix – it will appear near the bottom right corner of the image – but the biggest push would come from any developments along Salisbury and McDowell streets. That is, MAJOR developments, and nothing shorter than 400 feet.

    Thanks for the photo, Leo. Much appreciated and inspiring!!!

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