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Raleigh Skyline from the Boylan Bridge March 2013

Raleigh Skyline from the Boylan Bridge March 2013

The latest skyline shot from the Boylan Bridge. The soon to open Wake County Justice Center is adding some nice light with its fins along the upper crown of the building.

What do we need to do to get Two Hannover to turn on their lights during dusk these days?

Here are a few more slightly older photos from this angle.

Supermoon over Raleigh by dtraleigh, on Flickr taken March 2011.

For a quick refresher on the 2011 Supermoon, click here.

Dusk in Raleigh by dtraleigh, on Flickrtaken February 2009.

So the Justice Center doesn’t look like it’s adding much to the skyline from this angle. In the 2009 photo, the space looks already filled with the county courthouse. However, you can still see the Lawyer’s building that once stood on Salisbury Street and now the Justice Center occupies that space today.

The RBC Spire is a DT Raleigh Symbol

The lighting of the RBC Plaza is a symbol of the progress of the revitalization of downtown Raleigh

[Via MyNC]

I agree with Scott Custer’s statement. The RBC Bank CEO and others lit up the spire last night at a ceremony on Fayetteville St. You may have been lucky to see it lit up a couple of times in the past but it’s now official; the RBC crown is now lighting up the nighttime skyline. It is the symbol of the private sector’s investment in downtown Raleigh.

When the crown is lit up, it is impressive. I think it will be Raleigh’s version of Atlanta’s Bank of America Plaza. The crown stands out at night, from Fayetteville St. all the way out to the beltline and hidden views beyond that. Until something taller comes along, this will probably be the center of most of our national exposure photos; TV shots during sports games, the next billion top 10 lists Raleigh makes, promotion items, etc. Whether visitors like it or not, I think a majority of them will remember the RBC crown and if they see it again outside of the city, they will remember that it is in Raleigh.

The bar has been raised, when will it be topped?