Pic of the Week

I finally got my own version of the classic Raleigh skyline money shot. Alright skyline freaks, this post is for you. Taller or wider?

See it large on my Flickr.

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  1. Let me congratulate you for capturing this outstanding image of our skyline during the evening hours. Let me also say that both your D90 camera and your 24-85 lens performed a miracle for you. Very sharp and accurate, and even though I don’t know how much manipulation you did, my experience in evening photography makes me say: WOW!!!

    As for the skyline, we need both height and width. From this angle, it looks pretty nice and we may forgive our skyline for being small, but I cannot help noticing how much better things would look if skyscrapers popped up along Salisbury and McDowell streets. Once The Edison gets built, this angle may not offer the best view. Any angle from South-East locations would be better and show the strongest points of our skyline, instead of emphasizing its weakest side.

    Secret hope: A 60-story skyscraper gets built between the convention center and the County Jail, maybe a two tower project, one around 60+ floors and another between 30 and 40 floors. Dare to dream!!! :LOL:

  2. Hey Raleigh Boy, I noticed the crane to the right also and tried to imagine the crane as one of the buildings of Charter Square to get an idea of a wider skyline.

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