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Raleigh Skyline from the Boylan Bridge March 2013

Raleigh Skyline from the Boylan Bridge March 2013

The latest skyline shot from the Boylan Bridge. The soon to open Wake County Justice Center is adding some nice light with its fins along the upper crown of the building.

What do we need to do to get Two Hannover to turn on their lights during dusk these days?

Here are a few more slightly older photos from this angle.

Supermoon over Raleigh by dtraleigh, on Flickr taken March 2011.

For a quick refresher on the 2011 Supermoon, click here.

Dusk in Raleigh by dtraleigh, on Flickrtaken February 2009.

So the Justice Center doesn’t look like it’s adding much to the skyline from this angle. In the 2009 photo, the space looks already filled with the county courthouse. However, you can still see the Lawyer’s building that once stood on Salisbury Street and now the Justice Center occupies that space today.

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  1. It’s painful to watch the lack of progress downtown. Every other week we celebrate that Raleigh has been named the city with the most growth in the last decade, most tech savvy city or some other accolade. Only to realize we built out over the last 10 years rather than up.

    I would guess the vast majority of the previously mentioned projects are dead in the water. Summit has gone quiet on the convention center hotel after winning the RFP and Skyhouse is just a set of plans. They should at least take the parking lots in front of the Maymandi Hall and make them a water feature. Give us something. Anything.

    With a skyline on par with Little Rock or Omaha, no news is bad news (no offense to LR or Omaha).

  2. If the Justice Center was a little taller it could have actually had an impact on the skyline. I love the top of the building how it lights up. But what do you expect; this is sorry Raleigh! I don’t see why people move here cause it sucks! A city of over 400K and a skyline like a city with 200K.

  3. The Justice Center doesn’t add to the skyline from *this* approach, but if you’re north of the capital looking south, or south of downtown looking north, it’s more noticeable. (The only other tall building between Salisbury Street and Dawson is the new SECU tower.)
    And its unique architecture wins points in my view.

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