The RBC Spire is a DT Raleigh Symbol

The lighting of the RBC Plaza is a symbol of the progress of the revitalization of downtown Raleigh

[Via MyNC]

I agree with Scott Custer’s statement. The RBC Bank CEO and others lit up the spire last night at a ceremony on Fayetteville St. You may have been lucky to see it lit up a couple of times in the past but it’s now official; the RBC crown is now lighting up the nighttime skyline. It is the symbol of the private sector’s investment in downtown Raleigh.

When the crown is lit up, it is impressive. I think it will be Raleigh’s version of Atlanta’s Bank of America Plaza. The crown stands out at night, from Fayetteville St. all the way out to the beltline and hidden views beyond that. Until something taller comes along, this will probably be the center of most of our national exposure photos; TV shots during sports games, the next billion top 10 lists Raleigh makes, promotion items, etc. Whether visitors like it or not, I think a majority of them will remember the RBC crown and if they see it again outside of the city, they will remember that it is in Raleigh.

The bar has been raised, when will it be topped?

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  1. Well done, Leo!!! I agree with your comments – and Scott Custer’s – and I appreciate your positive attitude towards the progress we’ve made.

    BTW, nice meeting you at the bridge :) I wish it was an even clearer evening so we can take a few clear photos of the skyline, but I won’t complain. Mine turned out somewhat acceptable, but I will definitely revisit the bridge and take a few more photos. Did you go to Dorothea Dix for more photos afterwards?

  2. Good Morning!

    Leo, it was nice meeting you in person last night in front of the RBC Plaza. Keep up the good work. I would take pictures, but with two energetic Basset pups on leash my hands are pretty full. Take care!!


  3. Good to meet you last night, Ernest. The Boylan Bridge is a popular DT Raleighite spot for photos it seems. I did ride on down to Dix but the pictures are not as clear as I wanted. Hopefully the spire will be on right after the sun sets and not during the dead of night. I think this will help with the clarity of the photos.

    1st pic from Dix

    2nd pic from Dix

    Dbearhug, it was nice meeting you too. You’ve got some cool puppies there.

  4. Leo, thanks for sharing your pics from Dorothea Dix :) They turned out better than you may think. It will take us a little time to figure out good camera settings that could overcome the abundant light that the RBC Plaza crown “produces”. In fact, the other two major logos (BB&T and Wachovia) are simply too bright to be recorded nicely in the skyline. Maybe some photoshoping would help, but for now we have to deal with these logos.

  5. Nice shots Leo. The MyNC content is spot on. I watched the lighting from the top of the deck next to the Borough and then noticed as I was crossing over Wade on the beltline that there was a great view of the skyline with RBC place prominently in it.

  6. Very nice! Need a very tall building between Wachovia and RBC now (on F Street). Is there any property that can be removed and replaced by a signature structure? My thought (the CVS drug store building or a couple of the buildings next to Wachovia closet to the Capital building).

  7. Bold suggestion, Anthony. That building is the Raleigh Banking and Trust Building, my favorite in DTR. Talk of replacing it is going to get a lot of resistance from Raleighites. We are not really at a point where a mid-rise like this needs to be taken down for a skyscraper, not even close.

    Let’s please consider other plots in the area for very tall structures. A perfectly crafted skyline is a not worth poor planning and the loss of fully functioning buildings within the downtown core.

  8. Just a suggestion, did not realize that building had some significance. That end of F Street is just BORING, not even worth walking. Looking for suggestions. Any property fo sale along that end?

  9. The first place that comes to mind is right across from RBC Plaza, to the North. Take that nearly empty former Wachovia Bldg and that First Citizens Bank eyesore and put something at least 50 stories/800ft tall… The only other opportunity I see along Fayetteville Street and around Wachovia Capital Center is adding another 10 stories to the Alexander Square parking deck – this is how much we can add – and we are pretty much set.

    Now, we can go a little further to the South of RBC Plaza, where the lot next to One Progress Plaza may be a great candidate, as well as the 414 Fayetteville/Sheraton Atrium location, which is already reserved for something above 25 stories. Of course, we can move to the West, at the N&O block much of which will be available for redevelopment in a few years. Hopefully, someone with vision will buy the current printing facilities and build something BIG!!! It will still be between RBC Plaza and Wachovia Capital Center, but with the added bonus of extending the skyline outside Fayetteville Street.

    Just my 2 cents…

  10. Ernest,

    I agree with you on First Citizens and Wachovia, but right now the Wachovia is serving as swing space for other projects getting renovated. Watch it become the temporary home of the Raleigh PD when they start working on the Clarence Lightner Public Safety Center.

    You forgot to mention the dream building for the old Jimmy’s Market and the airspace above Moore Square station over on Wilmington Street. It’s offset from the RBC but would be just north of The Edison.

    “Just my 2 cents…”

    Hey, that’s my tag! :)

    Peace :2cents:

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