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It’s time to check in on the Origin Hotel that was going up at the end of Glenwood Avenue, at Morgan Street. The exterior looks almost finished and the sidewalks are pretty much open now. Seems the hotel is close to hosting visitors.

While their website is up, the reservations button doesn’t work just yet. It’s been nice to see the upgraded streetlights here at Glenwood and Morgan and with One Glenwood across the street finished, there’s a whole new feel to the southern end of Glenwood Avenue.

Pic of the Week

Origin Hotel construction along Morgan Street. March 2019

The Origin hotel on Morgan Street is close to topping out. Blocking a substantially large parking deck, the hotel creates a nice bookend to Glenwood Avenue.

Once Dram and Draught gets going at the corner of Morgan and Glenwood here and other active retail opens up nearby, this intersection may be a good southern starting point to a Glenwood South nightlife walk.

Administrative Alternate Shows Rendering of Nash Square Hotel

Rendering of the Nash Square hotel. (AAD-4-19) Click for larger.

The hotel planned for the southeast corner of Martin and Dawson is working its way through the approval process. Posted to the city’s website is an Administrative Alternative Request, see AAD-4-19, which shows a nice rendering of the hotel.

The request shows off the setbacks planned above the third floor and suggests some outdoor terrace, possibly for a restaurant or lounge.

Dive in to the request for more details.

Pic of the Week

Firestone’s downtown Raleigh location has now closed and plans for a hotel are in the works at this location. At this time, the building is being emptied out and no demolition has taken place.

This brings it up to three proposed hotels for this block. The “Firestone hotel” will go here, in the southwest corner of the block. We’ve heard for years about a possible Hilton Garden Inn for the southeast corner but still, nothing has taken place. Last, a hotel was proposed for the northwest corner of the block earlier this year. 

This cluster of hotels would be great to meet the demand in downtown. Let’s hope construction starts soon rather than being the same-old news of proposals that never happen.

Plans Submitted for 9-Story Hotel Overlooking Nash Square

Corner of Martin and Dawson Streets. October 2018.

Plans popped up on the city’s website for a nine-story building that will be used for a hotel with ground-floor restaurant space. It’s planned for the southeast corner of Dawson and Martin Streets giving it a nice location across the street from Nash Square.

The development would replace a variety of the one and two-story buildings and surface parking on this corner. In addition to the photos in this post, here are the parcels identified to be removed.

Properties involved in the development mapped. October 2018.

The site plan submitted shows 190 rooms and 137 parking spaces with lobby and restaurant space on the ground floor. A driveway for pulling into the hotel would be on Martin Street as well as the dropoff zone being on Martin. That seems more desirable compared to a busier Dawson Street.

Below is a screenshot of one of the preliminary site plans.

Preliminary site plans for a hotel across from Nash Square on Martin Street.

When looking at the developer, the Raymond Group, and their previous projects, we typically see hotels built under national brands. That’s what I’m expecting here until more information comes out.

Hopefully, this developer can deliver as there are quite a few other hotels that seem to have been delayed in downtown.

2018 Downtown Raleigh Hotel Roundup

Marriott Hotel on Fayetteville Street

Marriott Hotel on Fayetteville Street.

I recently was having a conversation about downtown Raleigh hotels with some out-of-town coworkers. That got me thinking that it’s a good time to take a look at the current and upcoming hotel options to see how things are coming along. This is more of a wrapup post and I don’t have anything new to share.

Here’s the TLDR. Let me know if I’m missing something so we can make this list complete.

Currently open – 1310 rooms:

Under Construction – 134 Rooms:

Upcoming – *837 rooms:

On the radar:

Of the currently open list, the Residence Inn opened as recently as Fall 2017. In the last ten years, we’ve watched the Marriott and Hampton Inn go up. Can any readers date the Sheraton and Holiday Inn? Days Inn? They predate the blog as well as predate the downtown Raleigh revitalization of the 2000s that came from the Livable Streets plan of 2003.

Construction of The Origin Hotel on Morgan Street. March 2018.

Construction of The Origin Hotel on Morgan Street. March 2018.

Across the street from One Glenwood is the construction site, seen above, for the building’s parking deck. Plans call for an Origin hotel on top of the deck. I put this in the Under Construction category but I certainly could be wrong as the parking deck is certainly underway. I’m not sure if the hotel may come later or crews are planning for it now.

Renovation taking place at Guest House Raleigh on Bloodworth Street. March 2018.

Renovation taking place at Guest House Raleigh on Bloodworth Street. March 2018.

I know that I’d love to see boutique hotels popping up around the periphery of downtown Raleigh so am excited to see Guest House Raleigh come along on Bloodworth Street. If successful, hopefully, others try their own take on the smaller, more personal stay in downtown.

Most of the upcoming hotel projects have been quiet, some for over a year now. The Willard seems to be moving through the process and the rezoning case for the boutique hotel on Peace is currently going through a public hearing. (at the developer’s request)

Let me know if I missed anything.