A Visit To The Capitol

Rotunda Room by dtraleigh, on Flickr

Recently, I visited the North Carolina State Capitol. Surprisingly, I had never visited before and I continuously put it off until a later time. But now I’ve finally walked around the historic structure and encourage anyone who hasn’t to do the same. Here’s all the information you need if you want to explore the three story building.

Monday-Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday, 1 pm – 4 pm
Closed most major state holidays.

Guided Tours:
Saturday: 11 am, 2 pm
Sunday: 2 pm


Website: www.ncstatecapitol.org

House of Commons by dtraleigh, on Flickr

Pic of the Week

Some of the construction fencing is down at the capitol and the southern walkway is now open for use. The only real change here is the addition of the two ramps on either side of the center walkway for easier access. This came at the expense of a large tree on the grounds and has not been replaced. Now is a perfect opportunity to plant something new.

Union Square Grounds Renovations

You might have noticed the construction fencing around some of the walkways on the capitol grounds. If you didn’t know what was going on, allow me to explain. All this information comes from some very informative banners that are hung up against the fence on the northern end of the capitol. Along with the information there is some very interesting history displayed about union square and its evolution to today’s setup. If you are walking by I recommend you stop and read a little. Here is a quote from the banner:

The walkway renovations at Union Square will increase access and safety for visitors. During this project, we will create accessible walks at the south entrance (Fayetteville Street), remove the steps at the corner of Wilmington and Edenton Streets, and replace portions of the pavement between these two points.

So it’s really nothing too exciting except more handicap access. The posted history was pretty interesting. At one point the capitol grounds had fencing all the way around but that has changed (obviously). Anyway, the capitol is hands down the touristiest thing about downtown so of course we are watching what goes on around it.

Rendering of the southern entrance.

Map layout of the affected area.