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Some of the construction fencing is down at the capitol and the southern walkway is now open for use. The only real change here is the addition of the two ramps on either side of the center walkway for easier access. This came at the expense of a large tree on the grounds and has not been replaced. Now is a perfect opportunity to plant something new.

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  1. Seems like a waste of money, or at least something that would have been low on the priority scale.

  2. Build a NEW Capital Building (our’s is embarrassing): landscaping is awful, no fountains, lighting is poor at night, etc.

    I still say and will always say, “this is an UGLY capital building”. There are poor capital cities in this country that have a beautiful capital building (one example: Jackson, MS).

    Make our capital building a nightclub/restaurant/Dave and Buster’s and build a NEW capital building on one of the 30 empty lot’s in downtown

  3. Good grief Terry. It’s not that bad. They already tried to “replace” it….with the modernist Legislature building two blocks north. I agree they should improve landscaping, lighting, add fountains, etc. But the building itself is quite fine when you consider what year it was built in, and how much money & population NC had at that time. When you consider those facts, it’s actually an impressive building. It’s all about context.
    In the mid-20th century, yeah, they figured NC was big and modern enough to need a big new building, and we got it. (The pros and cons of that 1960s modernist architecture could fill a whole other thread.) But preserving important parts of our history has a place too.

  4. I have to agree with RaleighRob. While I am not a big fan of our Capitol Bldg, with a decent landscape, attractive lighting and a few aesthetic improvements, it can be a nice looking place. I have seen better Capitol Buildings, but I have also seen MUCH worse than ours.

  5. I believe that our Capitol building is a nice piece of history. However we could use a new one. Maybe they could build a new capitol building in place of the legislative building, and keep the old state building for history buffs and the Governor

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