Union Square Grounds Renovations

You might have noticed the construction fencing around some of the walkways on the capitol grounds. If you didn’t know what was going on, allow me to explain. All this information comes from some very informative banners that are hung up against the fence on the northern end of the capitol. Along with the information there is some very interesting history displayed about union square and its evolution to today’s setup. If you are walking by I recommend you stop and read a little. Here is a quote from the banner:

The walkway renovations at Union Square will increase access and safety for visitors. During this project, we will create accessible walks at the south entrance (Fayetteville Street), remove the steps at the corner of Wilmington and Edenton Streets, and replace portions of the pavement between these two points.

So it’s really nothing too exciting except more handicap access. The posted history was pretty interesting. At one point the capitol grounds had fencing all the way around but that has changed (obviously). Anyway, the capitol is hands down the touristiest thing about downtown so of course we are watching what goes on around it.

Rendering of the southern entrance.

Map layout of the affected area.

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  1. Ernest- I’m fairly certain the money was allocated for this before the recession hit this hard. Most state construction projects are allocated a year or two in advance at least. At least it’s putting people to work, right?

    Mike- A new Capital Building? We did that already…it’s two blocks north. How many capitals does a state need? And while I do appreciate the modernist design of the 1963 version, I certainly don’t think most North Carolinians would agree to tear down our more traditional, stately historic capital. Give me a break.

  2. Leo– A couple months ago you posted on an archaeological dig being done on the capitol grounds in conjunction with the walkway renovations. Do you know if the ‘informative banners’ convey any info that may have been discovered in said dig?

    Mike– not worth the effort to comment on

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