You R Here, The R Line Starts Rolling

This morning, Mayor Meeker and his downtown buddies introduced the R Line, downtown’s new circulator. We have recently talked about this and today is the day that the hybrid electric buses start rolling. Buses stop every 10 to 15 minutes and run during the following hours every week:

Mon-Wed: 7am – 11pm
Thurs-Sat: 7am – 2:15am
Sun: 1pm – 8pm

This week I found out that there will be a route extension after 6:30 pm. Take a look at the google map embedded here and you will see what I mean (shown in red).

View Larger Map

I’m working on a dedicated page for all info that is the R Line. Along with the google map, I have also made a printable map of the route and a few key stops. I’m working on that one too and am trying to make it match the excellent map on the Downtown Raleigh Alliance website. How will you use the R Line?

My printable map in pdf format, updated 2/13/09.

The R Line fleet.

Signs for each stop.

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  1. I agree with Abby– Good job Leo! Thanks for posting the printable map. See ya’ll out and about tonight! The northen terminus is an easy 6-block walk from my house.

  2. It’s been a long time coming!

    It just occurred to me that for those living downtown this is actually a very viable way of getting out to do a little shopping as well. At least over to seaboard. Not bad.

    Can’t wait to give it a ride tonight. Very curious to see what kind of characters it will bring out late night. Does this thing stop for keebabs?

  3. Actually yes. Kitch, the warehouse district extension takes you right in front of the keebabs guy, stop is at Hargett/Harrington.

  4. Is downtown Raleigh kidding with these size buses? Where are the smaller, greener buses? I agree with a circulator, but this is just stupid, the size is not necessary and they will be stopping traffic dead on the loop streets. Wow, they try to do someone right, but again, screw it up.

  5. Excellent post, Leo. Looking forward to going for the ride this evening! This is going to bring so much value to downtown Raleigh and I’m really looking forward to using the service.

    Juan – I can’t wait to see the line of smiling, happy tax payers lined up at the R-LINE bus stop on Glenwood Avenue tonight for a ride over to the other side of town and back. I’m also looking forward to the amount of people the R-LINE will attract to downtown Raleigh in the days, weeks, months and years to come. This is going to be a big deal. A POSITIVE thing. Watch, you’ll see. You really should have your head examined.

  6. We took the R line last night from Glenwood South to Raleigh Times. Jumped right on around 10:45p with two other peeps on the bus. People visiting from out of town and was riding the bus to see the sights. The driver was very nice. A person hopped on and off at the City Hall stop and when we got to the stop at Hargett and Wilmington, he was walking up. Its free but not quick. Took the bus back to Glenwood South at the end of the night and it was a stright shot since no major traffic thru the government district. The driver said he thought it was going to bomb but said about 100-120 riders each night (Fri-Sat) so it sounds like it was a good opening weekend!

  7. JD, thanks for that. I’m curious what the city’s expectations are. I’m sure the numbers will be different each weekend and primarily driven by how large or small the conventions are. I think it will be slow at first but after a couple months it should start picking up.

  8. Agree with Juan. Buses are way too big. Buses will be empty for 11 hours a day (except on Sundays – only 7 hours). Such a waste of electricity if they really are running every 15 min.

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