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The gates were open last weekend for an open house. This type of development is perfect for the edges of downtown.

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  1. EP- That’s part of the Blount Street Commons project.

    It’s a great project…part renovated older historic homes and part new townhomes and single-family houses. Could be the best thing to boost residential offerings in the downtown core (other than the various condo buildings) that we’ve got. Unfortunately, word is that the recession is drastically slowing down this project’s development.

  2. While I am excited about the redevelopment and the preservation efforts, I am a bit unhappy about the siteplan, as is. Let’s hope that the next phase(s) will bring a few nice brownstones to this section, similar to Beacon Hill, or even some Savannah/Charleston-type of homes. Hopefully some nice mid-rises and high-rises on the Wilmington Str side. That will offer a nice transition from a government offices zone to a more residential/mixed-use section. I wish they had placed these townhomes along Person Str, making them more attractive to the people who drive by and don’t know what is going on.

    Anyway, I will have to pay a visit and check out the interior design. Hopefully, they are nicely done and priced to sell.

  3. Awesome. This will really add to the corners of downtown and to the residential offerings, other than just condos.

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