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Photo from a Blount Street Commons post on Februrary 11th, 2009.

Not much being done. There were signs that say two units were sold, however.

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  1. The two units have been sold and a number of the other units have been reserved. I don’t remember how many, but I think it was over 50%. The builder is going through bankruptcy, which is what’s causing all the delays.

    BTW, I noticed that they’ve removed the fence from the lot on Peace street across from Peace College. Hopefully they’re ready to get started on something new for the Blount St. project.

  2. The Blount Street rowhomes are a strong design concept and should be a jewel of downtown. But who’s going to take responsibility for the fact that this “second phase” shown here have had their framework exposed to the elements for more than 6 months?! Only recently did they install the moisture barrier and now the brick wrap.

    I have a sneaky feeling that these will be mildew/mold infested units that leave their owners exasperated … say 3-4 years after completion. Not to mention the warped framework causing substandard structural integrity. Not like they were open to the elements for a few weeks … it was 6-8 months at least.

  3. I want to know why these people are so bothered by this? It seems that there are more important things in life to worry about.

  4. I think you are all wonderful! I really enjoy these blog sites and hope that the discussion of opinions will continue to help improve our world on an international level.

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