Skyhouse Raleigh One Year Later

The Skyhouse Raleigh apartment building that broke ground about a year ago is set to open in March of 2015. I remember taking a photo of the crane one year ago so am revisiting the site today. Weather was similar too.

Skyhouse Raleigh, photo taken in December 2013

Skyhouse Raleigh, photo taken in December 2013

Skyhouse Raleigh, photo taken in December 2014

Skyhouse Raleigh, photo taken in December 2014

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  1. It’s been pushed back from December to January, and now to March? Man, the Edison tower is never going to get started….

  2. I remember Leo posting that the originally completion date would be December 2014. I thought that would be a stretch. How often is a building of that size completed in a year? March of 2015 is still pretty quick.

  3. Happy New Year! Let’s hope the Charter Sq N Tower and next Edison building are nice! Maybe they will break ground in 2015?

  4. Maybe we can get a couple “skyscraper” groundbreaking projects each year…will be nice keeping this trend going.

  5. If we want to say that the next Edison project(beside Skyhouse) and the North Charter Square project are in the bag, then I would think the major focus for 2015 is going to be what happens with the property on Hillsborough St(across from the Burough). This site made reference to the city trying to sell that lot a few months ago. That would be an excellent site for a tower and some major progress for DT Raleigh!

  6. According to TBJ article John Kane is adding downtown to development area. “… real estate sources say Kane is part of a partnership seeking to buy the remaining Dillon Supply Co. buildings in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District.”
    The article goes on to say that that “the Dillon Supply property could likely accommodate a building of about eight stories tall with a mix of office space, retail space and multifamily units, sources say.”
    As local developers go, I’d say Kane is probably at the top of the list for getting quality projects completed. Could be a huge boost for the warehouse district.

  7. That would be great if he would turn his attention to downtown. Everything North Hills has would be amazing downtown… stores, grocery store, movie theater, bowling, condos, apartments, tall buildings, parking, green space, interesting restaurants and a few chains too. Build it and they will come. Unfortunately, it was built in North Hills instead.

  8. Skyhouse Looks great…Would be pretty cool if Kane focus more on Downtown,then You’ll have more retail stores to shop.

  9. My only concern about Kane is he’ll gobble up a huge chunk of the warehouse district and over sanitize it to the point of it being boring and soul-less. While I do understand that something significant needs to happen on the retail front, I worry that the result might be too “new”: which is an often heard complaint about Charlotte’s core. I’d rather have urban re-use with character than North Hills in the middle of DT.
    I hope I’ll be proven wrong but, given what the city has approved as infill development thus far, I fear a hungry city will just push through anything he proposes.

  10. I agree John. I have mixed emotions about the warehouse district. Some of the warehouse district is nice and other parts need a total makeover. What Citrix did was nice. It will be interesting to see what happens in that area as downtown progresses.

  11. Despite the copy/paste by the developers of Skyhouse, I do like how the building looks. It strengthens the East-West Axis that connects the Warehouse District to Moore Square (and hopefully beyond).

  12. Is anyone aware of an update to the Edison office portion and a planned start date of construction?

  13. Uncle Jesse, My friend from the city last weekend told me that The Edison is being currently reviewed. He did not say what stage that it was in. A little news anyway! Take Care,
    Dwight Nipper

  14. J Davis told me Monday that the apartments will be 6 and 7 stories, depending on elevation, and that the office groundbreaking is still TBD. Anxious for it to start, along with Charter North…. given both projects’ history.

  15. Why the delay in the office groundbreaking? I hope that their is a need for more space? Improvements? And not…bank won’t loan money?

  16. The tenants in the existing building have not moved yet. They should be moving soon. Then demolition then the fun starts. I hope?

  17. It may be as simple as approvals from the city still being needed. Or it may be they want more pre-leased tenants before starting. Either way, I saw one of the two remaining businesses has a moving sale listed in their window. I guess I could ask them when they were told to be out, but I don’t really want to rub salt in a wound.

  18. reliable jewelry and loan had this to say about moving: Maybe sometime this year. Not moving until we get our new space. No worries not leaving our block. So…. this Edison building might be awhile?

  19. A friend of mine knows Andy Andrews, CEO of Dominion Realty that is part of Charter Square Project. She talked to Andy today. Andy can’t give a time line on starting the North Tower but said that the tower will be between 21 to 24 stories. Will have office space & apartments in the North Tower. Dwight Nipper

  20. Dwight, thanks for the info. 21-24 stories sounds good but I highly doubt these stories will be on the same scale height-wise as the South Tower since there will be apartments as well. 180 feet for 11 stories is pretty tall IMO, but I would guess the North tower would be 250 ft maybe?

  21. Hopefully 24 but 21 isn’t too bad,depending on the height. More than anything I’m curious to see what it will look like. Are there any renderings coming any time soon?

  22. Uncle jessee, no I’m just saying that if they’re not planning on moving anytime soon, it would be reasonable to assume the demolition and new construction aren’t happening imminently.

  23. Adrian, Andy said that he is still working on the plans. Someone else said they thought possibly we might hear something in 3 months, but Andy did not say this. Dwight Nipper

  24. No. The Edison office building is going where Isaac’s is. Located. A little off topic but a new hotel just proposed. Behind Charter square next to McDonalds. No announcement on specific brand.

  25. Bruce, The North Tower will be beside The South Tower where the construction trailer is located. Also The TBJ has a article today stating a 12-story hotel/office tower to be built beside the McDonalds on S. Wilmington St. Also TBJ is stating that the hotel on Salisbury St. may increase from 9-stories to 10 stories. Dwight Nipper

  26. Wow! What’s the haps on the building by McDonald’s on Wilmington Street? That is the first I have heard of that. Anymore details or images of that. I took a quick look at TBJ but did not see anything. That would be a nice project for that area.

  27. Bob, The 12 story S. Wilmington St.hotel article is still on the TBJ . Amanda Hoyle Jones wrote the article. Dwight Nipper

  28. @ Adrian on January 8, 2015 at 8:16 am

    “Hopefully 24 but 21 isn’t too bad,depending on the height. More than anything I’m curious to see what it will look like. Are there any renderings coming any time soon?”

    Is this building limited to 24 floors? I understand that the footings, which are already in the ground keep this building from being only so tall?

  29. @ Robert, Possibly may see renderings in 3 months, per a broker! I don’t know what the limit is, per the weight of project on top of the deck. Dwight Nipper

  30. What are the chances of getting the Pope house and Lincoln Theatre moved? With this new hotel and Charter square going up, this block is going to be surrounded by new “high rises” and that entire block seems to be held hostage by a historic house that no one visits and a rundown music hall. I understand both have sentimental value but as our city grows, things like this shouldn’t hold up progression

  31. Highly doubtful. Moving the Pope house will most likely create a political nightmare for anyone who suggests it. Lincoln building would most likely meet the fate of a wrecking ball unless it can be proven to be ‘historic’…which I don’t think it is.

    I’ve heard some rumbling of a park around the Pope house but nothing substantive.

  32. I’d hate to see he Lincoln go. They still get a ton of good music and I believe they just upgraded their sound and lighting system. There’s no other places downtown for the acts that play there to visit. I think it’s probably inevitable though

  33. I have noticed that in some cities where a skyhouse is present… a second skyhouse has been built or is being considered. I am wondering if Raleigh will follow this trend!

  34. I think that’s basically just Atlanta, which is huge and has many different areas of vertical development. We only have downtown and North Hills LOL!

  35. I remember hearing that the city wanted to build an African-American cultural center on the land near the Pope house.

  36. Jeff… so that makes two Skyhouse buildings in Atlanta… I was unaware of that!I do know that Houston and Charlotte are both getting their second Skyhouses built. If we do get a another Skyhouse in Raleigh… then perhaps it will go into the Glenwood Green development area (speculation on location of course).

  37. Atlanta has 3 actually: downtown, midtown, and Buckhead. 2 in Houston. 1 in Dallas, Austin, Tampa, Orlando, and Charlotte. I didn’t hear Charlotte was getting a second. That city is too small for that. I hope we don’t get a second. There’s plenty of other, better designs out there we could use.

  38. Jeff…I agree it would be rather repetitive. The two Houston will have are within a block of each other.

  39. LOL! Updated because it’s the former Progress Energy (now Red Hat) building with the word Edison photoshopped onto it?

  40. Thanks Randall, I really like this! I see where they have reduced the project from a 19 story to a 18 story, which I hate that, but still a super project! Dwight Nipper

  41. I thought that “The Edison Tower” was going to be located where the Skyhouse construction trailer is set up. I’m glad that it is @ the Davie St./Wilmington St. intersection. Driving down Old Garner Rd. from Tryon Rd. towards Raleigh is very nice @ night & “The Edison” will make this better. Dwight Nipper

  42. I wouldn’t mind seeing a second Skyhouse in Raleigh, with the different top like Charlotte’s will have, not the capped top. Maybe somewhere near the L building.

  43. The above referenced picture of the Edison is the Red Hat from what I can see! It is just a good reference on the height! The building also has similarities to the proposed Edison Office (Edison has darker glass of course)!

  44. randall, I think Dwight was kidding.But the Edison should be 50 ft taller than Red Hat and the top should be seen from the south.

  45. Willam, I figured that was the case! My ultimate goal was to change the negative conversation as of late. I do believe I succeeded in doing so!

  46. omg ^randall^ I was reading that WRAL article about the parklet yesterday… I know this isn’t news, but I think the WRAL commenters (minus a few good ones) are all 90 year old Saltine Crackers posing as human beings online. GOD those people suck.

  47. Agreed, Jake – I find the majority of those comments quite shocking.

    Even if you really don’t like the parklet idea, we’re talking about TWO parking spaces – two, not two hundred. I don’t understand the complaints.

  48. I note from current news sources that a city-owned parking deck is now going to be used to accommodate ONLY the residents/tenants of Skyhouse. Is the city the owner of Skyhouse? If not, then why is a city-owned parking deck being commandeered away from being used by ALL taxpayers for it?

  49. My understanding is that the city has been running the privately-owned lot during construction. It is being used during nights and weekends as parking for residents of the apartments being built there, which was the original intent of the garage. Between the Edison apartments and Skyhouse, where would all those tenants park otherwise?

  50. The deck you are referring to is called the Blount Street Deck and to the best of my knowledge, the parking deck was built with public funds. There was an agreement though with The Edison complex though to “sell” some of the spaces to them and they were under contract to buy them. So with that the city went ahead and built the deck and runs it under their ParkLink service.

    That’s why this deck is so grossly under-utilized right now as it was built pending future development.

  51. My only criticism of the new buildings going up like Skyhouse is that there are no setbacks to a lot of these new buildings in downtown Raleigh, giving the streets a kind of “concrete canyon” look. Also, Skyhouse is right across from some very historic brick buildings that are fairly low, so it looks a little out of place. Does this mean that these will be demolished too? Ugh. Also, the architecture of these buildings are extremely boring, impersonal, and sterile! I’m in Seattle right now, and there is some amazing architecture in this city, with so many people-scaled, “nooks and crannies” to explore. Why can’t Raleigh get a bit more creative downtown? Oh right, Raleigh was the city that ran that visionary artist out of town a few years ago for daring to propose a water feature sculpture. Enuf said!

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