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The Devon Apartments on Tucker Street

The Devon apartments on Tucker Street has finished construction and is now leasing out units. The building took almost three years to complete and when compared to similar projects, that is much slower. However, when watching it go up the big difference you notice is the use of concrete floors compared to wood. I imagine that makes a difference in quality as well as longevity of the building.

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  1. Actually not a bad looking building (in comparison to that still ugly “The Dawson” building)
    Enough of the cost of the apartments, travel to other cities and see what they are charging. Can we stop the stupidity/conversations of the price for ANY apartments?!

  2. I have to say this is one of the better looking new apartment buildings, I will check them out in March when I get ready to move downtown from the crabtree area.

  3. prices are a function of supply & demand. “overpriced” is an opinion. Clearly they are not ‘overpriced’ given that these apartments being built downtown are leasing up as quickly as they can build them.

    Bryan, welcome to Civilization!…in March :) You will love it once you get down here.

  4. Hey thanks, I know people that live in 712 Tucker and they love it. I work downtown and most days come back at night as well. it will save me travel time. I still wish something other than Harris Teeter and Fresh Market would exist downtown.

  5. there will be an announcement most likely within 12 months on additional choices for groceries.

  6. Did this really take 3 years to construct? I don’t recall it being that long to actually build and I live close enough to it to see it from my balcony.

  7. It’s interesting to discuss grocery stores. I don’t feel like there is a grocery store downtown. But I don’t consider Cameron Village to be downtown. I live in East Raleigh where there is no Lowes, Krogers, Harris Teeters, Fresh Markets, Trader Joe’s, etc… It pretty much sucks unless you like Food Lion. Seriously, Capital Blvd, Atlantic Ave, New Bern have absolutely no good grocery stores inside of 540 except Food Lion. You have to head all the way down 64 to Knightdale to get to a Lowe’s. Food Lion doesn’t even have a Butcher for fresh cut meat. So selection can be worse. The West and Northwest area of Raleigh are where the quality grocery stores are at. Downtown is catching up as a high income area(judging by the price of apartments). So eventually the high quality grocery stores will follow. You don’t want Food Lion….

  8. Stupid question, probably, but does anybody know why this place was named “The Devon”? Does it refer to something or someone, or is it just random? It seems like kind of an odd choice to me if it was random, but who knows. As a native Chicagoan, the name makes me think of forest preserves and Indian food, but I doubt that’s the connotation the developers were going for…

  9. The reason they used steel and concrete is because they wanted to exceed six stories. When you exceed six stories, you are required to use steel and not wood frame construction. I love it. This building will be around a lot longer than the matchstick apartment buildings around it.

  10. I think that Devon is the name of the company that owns the property. I could be wrong.
    @ Leo: Yeah….2 years of actual construction time seems about right. With both Devon 425 and 500 Glenwood completed, the major construction has moved south just a bit on Glenwood & Boylan to The Gramercy. It’s stunning to watch Glenwood South transform right before ones eyes.

  11. “I think that Devon is the name of the company that owns the property. I could be wrong.”

    Yeah, that was my first thought, too, that “Devon” was some kind of corporate or branding name, as with the Elan apartments a little ways away. And maybe it is. But I haven’t found any indication of that anywhere. The developer I’ve seen associated with that project is something called “Southern Land Company,” so obviously not its namesake, and I don’t believe any of their other properties anywhere else are called “Devon,” so that doesn’t appear to be an established brand name of theirs. I don’t know who all is involved with the actual ownership of this property, but if any of them were named “Devon” and so proud of it that they slapped it on their new apartment building, you’d think that’d be apparent from a cursory internet search. But it isn’t. So if “The Devon” actually is named after a person or a company, I haven’t been able to ascertain it. I’m stumped.

    Incidentally, does anybody know how one is supposed to pronounce this place’s name? Do they say DEV-ən, like they do in England? Or də-VON, as in Devon Avenue in Chicago? Or something else more esoteric? Personally, I think I’m going to choose to pronounce it DEE-voan, like the name of the band Devo, with an “N” on the end. Whip it good!

  12. Back to the Devon project…..I will say that I am not totally sold on the bare exposed concrete of this project. This is mostly due to the fact that the finish of the bare concrete is pretty inconsistent from place to place throughout the project. For me, this only accentuated by the fact that the color palette of the building is neutrals resulting in tone-on-tone. it just makes the concrete color inconsistencies stand out like a sore thumb.

  13. You know what get’s very old after a number of downtown projects? That same ugly roof line and/or facade! Can these so called architects/developers be creative, most of the buildings are starting to look the same (and the same height)> The building going up on Glenwood (The Grammercy?), has the same roof line, flat and ugly. From a distance, you see no transition lines with any of these buildings or in OUR skyline. City Council, get your heads out of your (you know whats), enough approving these pathetic cookie cutter projects without putting visual thought into what our skyline will look like in 5 years and beyond (one flat line)

  14. The Raleigh Planning Commission approved the permit for a 10 – story “Residence Inn” 130 ft. tall , 166 rms. A public hearing is schedule for 1-13-15 9a.m. in council chambers. Dwight Nipper

  15. The Devon name came from Sir Walter Raleigh being from Devonshire. It’s pronounced Devon, rhymes with Kevin.

  16. The Planning Commission Agenda for tomorrow 5-5-15 includes the 12 story hotel on S. Wilmington St. rezoning & the rezoning for Mr. Kane’s 20 story project in the warehouse district.

  17. I have just learned after the post a few minutes ago that the appearance commission tomorrow will review the Hilton Garden Inn Project.

  18. Thanks for the info Dwight. I’ve been wondering when these projects would take the next steps. Tomorrow is an exciting day for downtown. Let’s hope for positive progress. These projects need to start coming out of the ground.

  19. Also tomorrow night city council will discuss & possibly vote on the rezoning of 301 Hillsborough St. for a possible 20 story project.

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