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The Devon Apartments on Tucker Street

The Devon apartments on Tucker Street has finished construction and is now leasing out units. The building took almost three years to complete and when compared to similar projects, that is much slower. However, when watching it go up the big difference you notice is the use of concrete floors compared to wood. I imagine that makes a difference in quality as well as longevity of the building.

Crash of the Resident Wave, Scaffolding is Down at The Devon (4/10)

The Devon 425
This is part 4 of a 10 post series, rolled out all week, on residential projects in downtown Raleigh. Go here to see all the posts so far.

We haven’t looked at The Devon Apartments, formerly called 425 Boylan, for almost a year and a half. The scaffolding is down now and we can really see what this project looks like.

First, let’s get the naming straight. Taking a look at The Devon website, the new apartment building is being billed as The Devon 425 while its mate across the street, 712 Tucker, is called The Devon 712. I was told that the two apartment buildings will actually share amenities since they are all under the same company.

Construction was slower compared to other projects but there’s a lot of concrete compared to wood framing in The Devon 425. There will be a total of 250 apartments consisting of studio, 1 and 2 bedroom units.

Between the two Devon projects and the units nearby at St. Mary’s Square, this could be one of the most urban residential areas in the city. If you include the entire district as a whole, Glenwood South is turning into urban Raleigh’s place to live.

425 North Boylan After A Year of Construction

425 Boylan Apartments in Glenwood South

The 261 apartments at 425 Boylan Avenue have really taken shape after a year’s worth of construction. Plans according to the developer’s website state that the project will be completed in the Fall of 2014.

Just a recap of this upcoming apartment building for the Glenwood South district:

  • 261 apartments across 8 stories.
  • 11,000 square-feet of retail and office space.
  • LEED silver certification.

An interesting thought that I may queue up for another post is to talk about the walkability between Glenwood South and Cameron Village. 425 Boylan and the other apartments located on the western half of Glenwood South create a dramatic increase in density that walking to Cameron Village should be simple.

From 425 Boylan to the Cameron Village library is a 0.7 mile walk. However, will residents overcome this more barren walk between those two points? Compared to a more interesting 0.7 mile walk, like Glenwood Avenue from Peace to Hillsborough or the CBD from the Nature Research Center to the end of Fayetteville Street, the lack of urbanity between the two destinations may not promote walking as much.

That or horrendous parking at a location may force walking to the forefront.

Demolition Underway For 400 Glenwood South Apartments

During a walk this past gloomy weekend, I got a chance to see some of the demolition going on along St. Mary’s and Tucker Street. The rental market is huge these days and developers are reacting not far from the main drag of Glenwood South. About 400 apartments between two new developments will start to be put together after the land has been fully cleared.

The now called St. Mary’s Square will bring about 145 apartments along the southern block bounded by St. Mary’s Street, Johnson, and Gaston Street. We’ve gone over the site plan before and now that land clearing looks almost done, construction should begin soon.

Click on the image below for a gallery of before and after photos of parts of the 600 block of St. Mary’s Street.

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Future home of St. Mary's Square

Across the Street from the currently completed apartment building, 712 Tucker, 425 Boylan will be built. Currently, houses have been removed along the south side of the 700 block of Tucker Street and once the land is cleared, the 7-story, 250 apartment building will be put together. The mixed-use building also includes 13,000 square feet of commercial space along the ground floor.

Below is another gallery of images.

Future site of 425 Boylan apartments

Glenwood South may have the highest population density in Raleigh in a few years. Take Note.