425 North Boylan After A Year of Construction

425 Boylan Apartments in Glenwood South

The 261 apartments at 425 Boylan Avenue have really taken shape after a year’s worth of construction. Plans according to the developer’s website state that the project will be completed in the Fall of 2014.

Just a recap of this upcoming apartment building for the Glenwood South district:

  • 261 apartments across 8 stories.
  • 11,000 square-feet of retail and office space.
  • LEED silver certification.

An interesting thought that I may queue up for another post is to talk about the walkability between Glenwood South and Cameron Village. 425 Boylan and the other apartments located on the western half of Glenwood South create a dramatic increase in density that walking to Cameron Village should be simple.

From 425 Boylan to the Cameron Village library is a 0.7 mile walk. However, will residents overcome this more barren walk between those two points? Compared to a more interesting 0.7 mile walk, like Glenwood Avenue from Peace to Hillsborough or the CBD from the Nature Research Center to the end of Fayetteville Street, the lack of urbanity between the two destinations may not promote walking as much.

That or horrendous parking at a location may force walking to the forefront.

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  1. Hey Leo,
    I’ll take the bait on the walkability issue. As a neighbor of 425 Boylan (The Paramount), I walk to CV all the time. Given that it’s mostly flat, the walk is really quite pleasant. From Boylan, the most pleasant way to walk is via W. Johnson St thru the north end of Cameron Park. Walking through a pleasant edge-urban neighborhood can keep my interest and this is especially true during the Spring and Fall when there’s more color to see. By the time I reunite with Peace/Clark, I am almost to the library. Once in CV, walking further isn’t an issue for me because I see it as one unit and walking among the blocks is a typical means of travel.
    To put this in perspective, a similar distance from 425 N Boylan is to The Flying Saucer on W. Morgan St. Once at the Flying Saucer, one can walk among the very central part of Raleigh quite easily and I view this in much the same way that I do walking among CV.
    Development in Glenwood South with urban residents and, subsequently, walkers is a key to bridging any real or perceived DT/CV gap. For me, that “bridge” has already been built.

  2. I was just doing some web surfing and found a Eugene, OR website and the concept of the 20 minute neighborhood. The 20 minute neighborhood is described, as you might expect, as a neighborhood that allows you to access things for daily life in 20 minutes without the use of a car and one that has walking, biking and bus infrastructure in support. Interestingly, the NW corner of Glenwood South where so much development is happening can be described as a 20 minute minute neighborhood with CV to the West and the CBD to the East/Southeast.

  3. Why is it taking so long to build the 425 Boylan building? I live in the Tucker building across the street and while it’s been cool to see the construction, I’m surprised that it will take almost two years to build the Boylan building.

  4. Charles, 425 Boylan is concrete construction, Tucker is wood frame. 425 is also a larger and taller complex.

  5. I would love to see that entire North Boylan area full of dense high rise apartments. Although, the prices of all these new apartments make me wonder what kind of trust fund all these 10 year olds who live there have?

  6. A big part of the time spent on 425 Boylan was the demolition, excavation, and parking facilities. Skyhouse will be built entirely on grade with no built-in parking, so all the floor plates will be exactly the same. Not to mention the “mass production” aspect – Skyhouse Raleigh is the seventh building of nearly identical design to be built so by this point so the project managers probably have the risk management down to a science.

  7. Correct orulz. Novare is setting speed records building high-rises as their model is one of efficiency. 425 North Boylan is a much longer process at +/- 20 months for nearly all concrete high-rises that include a structured parking component. Takes a long time to get foundation set, etc. Concrete goes up inch by inch. The best part about concrete is that is the only true way to sound-proof.

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