195 Apartments Coming To Glenwood South

600 St. Mary’s, as its called in the site plan, is a new development planned for Glenwood South. The site plan shows a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units in a multi-level, depending on what corner you are standing, building. The plan has renderings from each side and the building style mimics that of The Tucker apartments nearby.

The residential units wrap an interior parking deck with entrances on Gaston and Johnson Streets. St. Mary’s will have all apartment frontages and the back of this building will face north behind the gas station and other shops along Peace Street. For a map visual, click here.

There isn’t anything breathtaking about it but it’s a step in the right direction in terms of what downtown needs. In short, the building has good urban form and is built right up to the sidewalk. Also, the parking deck is wrapped and is hidden from view from the outside.

The most interesting part in the site plan are the Live/Work units on the ground floor. They appear to have tall ceilings and I’m hoping the intent is for people to move in and build lofts. I found this example of one and I would imagine a Raleigh entrepreneur would feel right at home here.

Dive into the site plan and explore the new development yourself.

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  1. No retail all the way around. Are you kidding? This developer must have put this plan together at happy hour on a napkin, after having a 12 pack (this is a pathetic design)

  2. I dunno Thomas, I don’t think retail would work great on this particularly. I think the live/work units is probably a good medium ground. This isn’t the downtown core or even Glenwood South proper…it’s the fringe of downtown if anything. There’s tons of retail nearby and a major shopping center only 2 blocks away. I doubt if retail would be able to compete there, personally.

    My big thing is…for the love of God…Please make these apartments reasonably priced!! The only new apartment buildings in the area in the past decade (Hue and Tucker) have one-rooms starting at a grand a month! (And you know those new ones planned at Cameron Village will be just as high.) Please developers….don’t be as greedy. Non-rich people deserve a nice place to live downtown too!

  3. No complaints here! It’s better than an empty funeral home and good for businesses in the area.

  4. It’s close enough to Peace Street and to Glenwood Avenue that I’m not so mad that there is no retail. Any new buildings along Peace Street should definitely have retail components though. I wish there had a been a good and cheap Chinese restaurant close to Broughton when I was in high school.

  5. Just what Raleigh needs – more condos, townhouses, etc. that nobody can sell. I can’t beleive they could even get financing for something like that these days.

  6. Great news! We need more housing downtown so that more people will be able to afford to live downtown. Right now, demand far outstrips supply in the low and middle of the market.

  7. @Austin – These are going to be rental units. The Tucker is at 98%+ capacity, so this is exactly what we “need”. As for expensive condos, I would agree with you, but affordable rentals will help downtown greatly!

  8. @Austin- anything in downtown could sell if priced right. The only time condos or townhomes sit empty downtown is when they are priced higher than what those who want to be downtown can possibly afford.
    But these aren’t even condos…they’re apartments. And if their lease rates are reasonable, they will fill up.
    The demand to live in downtown Raleigh is there, no doubt about it. The problem is simply the demand is by people are not wealthy but working class and young professionals straight outta school.

  9. @ RaleighBob is right on, at $900-$1200 for 2 bedroom rentals, and $175,000-$250,000 condos there is plenty of demand. People just like what they get better in 5 points, or North Raleigh, or Apex, or Garner for 400k+ and students/young professionals have a more difficult time paying $1300-$1600 for 2 bedroom places downtown.

  10. The one thing about Glenwood is that there are so many restaurants. I hope this project is different. I heard the best bar in Raleigh is going to be in the warehouse district and I think it is called Delta House. Anyone know anything?

  11. Let me echo Jenna’s comments. This project is a vast improvement over the current status of of that parcel. We can’t have retail on every square inch of downtown, unless we add another 20 floors above every building. The only thing I hope will NOT happen is be a carbon copy of 712 Tucket. Not that I do not like the latter, I do, but we need a little variety, especially if the same developer wants to build this.

    Also, I have to agree with RaleighRob’s comments regarding the pricing, although I want to add that $900+ per month may be a little too much, especially for younger people. With the current rates, you can buy a home over 2000sf, in North Raleigh, and pay less than $1100 per month (taxes and insurance included). There has to be some balance. However, if companies like Red Hat start moving to downtown, the demand for rental units will only increase, so we need more downtown employees as well.

  12. If you get more people living in the neighborhood, the retail will be demanded and will follow. As a condo owner in that immediate area, I am delighted to hear this news. With the new hotel going up 2 blocks east on Glenwood and Johnson, there will be more demand and more life in the city.

  13. Word is that ground has been broken at Seaboard Station, too. An old building has been taken down at the far end of the parking lot, where the condominiums (apartments?) are going in. It would make sense that that project is probably moving forward again, too. The more residential available, the better.

  14. I saw the presentation of the site plan last night at the Hillsborough CAC meeting. The units will be nearly all one-bedroom, since they want to fit in as many as possible. Zoning in the area allows for more units per acre if they offer retail, so they added some along West Johnson, and open space, there’s a common area courtyard in the center. The developer seems to be following the 712 Tucker example, which has been a big success in this market. I hear more large apartment buildings are in the works. This area of Glenwood South works well for high density residential. They’re focusing on the young professional types, singles and DINKs, who want a pedestrian environment close to entertainment centers.

  15. jasdelaney,

    What other news about Glenwood apartments have you heard? Anything in particular? It would be exciting if we had substantial growth in that area, Tucker is a nice building but it’s in an area that could really use some more density, especially in rental properties.

  16. I’ve also heard that developers are interested in the area across (Tucker Street) from 712 Tucker. And on the east side of downtown, the open lot bordering Person Street may get residential apartments.

  17. It would be good if Person St. saw some development. East Raleigh could use some investment.

  18. @Steve – supposedly, the developer who built Exploris was going to put up some apartments in eastern downtown, a few blocks from Moore Square. Of course, all the talk about it was before the recession…it’s been quiet since then.

  19. @RaleighRob: That project is as dead as Disco… After all the crap from the local activists and community organizers, the developer decided against moving forward with his vision. This is what happens when you have ambitious people running the show. Listening to the neighborhood’s concerns and ideas is one thing, but doing as THEY please with your investment is another. It’s not as if he proposed crazy stuff… Truly, I hope that someone who doesn’t listen to neighborhood groups, with deep pockets and a great vision turns that parcel into something nice. Lately, I have been lamenting for the lost opportunity that the North Blount Street Commons present, and I hope that someone can put his hands on an entire city block and build condos, apartments and some nice brownstones.

  20. Oh boy more crappy 1 bedroom rental apartments cannot wait. This area will be overdeveloped in no time, will loose it’s character and look awful. You really think the people living in these apartments are not going to have cars?

  21. Happy to see this going up/coming out of the ground and taking shape.

    Is it known what is going in on the lower floors in the retail spaces?

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