Fai Thai Now Open

With Duck and Dumpling now closed, Empire Eats has brought us a new serving on Blount Street. Fai Thai is now open and is ready to heat up your taste buds. (‘Fai’ meaning hot in Thai after all) Who’s tried it already?

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. We had a great experience there on Friday night. Great food, great drinks, great music, great service, affordable ($60 for two, including cocktails). Atmosphere is updated and nice I love the lighting and hanging paper umbrellas. I think they got it right this time. Try the Bantaga drink. Tequila, lime juice and Mexican coca cola, sounds bad, tastes good. Try the pork belly asparagus, spicy chicken balls, slightly too salty but overall delicious. I’ll be going back very soon.

  2. $60 for a dinner for two is considered “affordable”? Seriously? We must live in different dimensions. In your plane of existence, $60 for two for dinner is “affordable”. In my world, $60 for two for dinner is “exorbitant”.

  3. ^Calm down Joe. He did say it included cocktails, and didn’t say how many they had. For all you know, the food could’ve been a fraction of that. In fact, from the menu on their site, it looks reasonable.

  4. With Cocktails, tax, and tip, if you think $60 for 2 people is “exorbitant” then I think you need to re-adjust or just hang out at Golden Corral.

    2 $10 plates, 2 cocktails, and 1 app get you to $60 with no problem. Nobody looking at this menu would every in a million years call it expensive. Quite the opposite, if you asked me after a first glance, I would have argued that the prices were extremely low for the type of space/location where Fai Thai exists.

  5. seriously… this isn’t mcdonalds. try going to ruth’s chris. easily can spend a few hundred for 2 people, and that’s just a chain selling basic steaks and potatoes and wine. an independent, local, interesting place that sells high quality food and drinks is certainly worth a premium, but in this case it sounds like they’re not even charging it.

  6. I ate at Fai Thai on the Friday of their opening week. The trigger fish was delicious as was most of our other dishes. I was happy with the food and service given they had only been open for a couple days. Will definitely go back!

  7. The first comment did turn me off (I wouldn’t call $30 a person “exorbitant,” but definitely well into “expensive” for me), but the rest of y’all have mollified me about the pricing. I’ll have to give it a try, especially considering I know the fellow who developed the cocktail program!

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