Demolition Underway For 400 Glenwood South Apartments

During a walk this past gloomy weekend, I got a chance to see some of the demolition going on along St. Mary’s and Tucker Street. The rental market is huge these days and developers are reacting not far from the main drag of Glenwood South. About 400 apartments between two new developments will start to be put together after the land has been fully cleared.

The now called St. Mary’s Square will bring about 145 apartments along the southern block bounded by St. Mary’s Street, Johnson, and Gaston Street. We’ve gone over the site plan before and now that land clearing looks almost done, construction should begin soon.

Click on the image below for a gallery of before and after photos of parts of the 600 block of St. Mary’s Street.

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Future home of St. Mary's Square

Across the Street from the currently completed apartment building, 712 Tucker, 425 Boylan will be built. Currently, houses have been removed along the south side of the 700 block of Tucker Street and once the land is cleared, the 7-story, 250 apartment building will be put together. The mixed-use building also includes 13,000 square feet of commercial space along the ground floor.

Below is another gallery of images.

Future site of 425 Boylan apartments

Glenwood South may have the highest population density in Raleigh in a few years. Take Note.

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  1. Glad to see more life being pumped into my neighborhood. Hopefully the new residents bring more foot traffic to Glenwood South.

    On Twitter: @Squirrelchat

  2. There were also plans being thrown around for a 3rd building a few blocks close to Hillsborough Street from these two locations called the Gramercy. (another 5-7 story apartment/rental proposal)

  3. I think that these two projects will be very exciting additions to Glenwood South and will add to the urbanity of the area. It is my hope that the new residents will frequent Glenwood South’s struggling businesses because it hurts me to see entertainment and commercial destinations come and go. Thanks for the photos, Leo.

  4. I wonder whatever happened to the townhomes for the corner of Peace St and Boylan. Next vacant/underutilized lot to be redeveloped? Empty lot at NE corner of Johnson and Boylan looks prime as well. Are the plans for the super-upscale mega-renovation on Hinsdale St dropped? I’d prefer if those historic houses remained rather than leveled and developed as previously planned.

  5. Have a friend who has an apt. at Tucker overlooking that new construction site. It’s going to suck for her. Construction noises for the next year. Yikes.

  6. ^ Shouldn’t be too terrible. I lived in Cameron Court apts when they built that condo building at 1001 Hillsborough about ten years ago. My window looked right down on it. I imagine the Tucker has better windows so she should be ok, especially if she’s at work during the day.

  7. I think it would be kind of neat to watch a building like that take shape over the next year… Can someone show me on a map where these two projects fit in to where 712 Tucker is? Google Maps isn’t anywhere near updated, and I’m having trouble placing the footprint of each of the 3 complexes.

  8. Both of these projects are in the tiny Census tract: 050300. This tract is bound by Peace St on the north, Hillsborough St. on the south, St. Mary’s St on the west and the Norfolk-Southern tracks on the east. It’s about 4/10th of a square mile. Within this small tract is much of Glenwood South’s multi-family housing including 510 Glenwood, The Paramount, 222 Glenwood, 712 Tucker and now the 425 Boylan and St. Mary’s Square projects. If the Gramercy project takes off, it too will be within the same tract. This could allow the tract to finish the decade with the city’s highest density. I am guessing that a population density over 10,000 ppl/square mile is possible with the addition of all 3 projects. As of 2010, the tract was 6198 ppl/square mile. However, there are tracts around NC State that are currently higher density with one of them currently at almost 10,000. That’s the nature of universities, I suppose. Even so, Glenwood South could overtake the NC State area tracts in 2020 if any more projects get added to the 050300.

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