Wake County Justice Center Opens Today

Wake County Justice Center

Today, the Wake County Justice Center officially opens. If you’re nearby, you can catch the ribbon cutting at 11am and parts of the building are open for public viewing following it. This building will greatly compliment the Wake County Courthouse, helping to offload a lot of activity that takes place there. They say the building was planned for growth, with an entire unfinished floor in case it’s needed for more services down the road.

I like to do this with projects when I can. Here’s a photo of the same Martin/McDowell Street corner, shown in the photo above, but in February 2008.

Corner of Martin and McDowell Streets

Pic of the Week

Wake County Justice Center construction in June 2012.

The Wake County Justice Center dominates the intersection of McDowell and Martin Streets. Almost three years ago, there was just a hole at this site.

For more trips down memory lane, over four years ago we’ve discussed the project and what buildings it has replaced.

The ugly parking deck, the Garland Jones building, and the Lawyers Building are all coming down for the expansion of the current site right next door.

via Justice Center Expansion, $200+ Million and a Historic Raleigh Cost.

Rising Steel All Over Downtown Raleigh

This is a small gallery showing construction around downtown Raleigh. Click the photos for a larger image.

The Justice Center appears to be topped off and is taking shape into the Raleigh Skyline.

A family poses for a portrait in front of the globe, a part of the upcoming Nature Research Center, now being pieced together.

The new AIA headquarters is being built on Peace Street.

Downtown Raleigh Construction Projects To Watch In 2011

2010 did not have a lot of new construction taking place so the development fanboys might be disappointed. 2011 may surprise us, or it may not. Either way, let’s go into the new year with a list of what action there is to follow.

AIANC Center for Architecture and Design

Rendering of the new AIANC Headquarters

Groundbreaking, shown above, has already occurred for the Center for Architecture and Design. This building from the American Institute of Architects North Carolina Chapter will incorporate many sustainable design features and will seek a LEED Platinum level certification, the highest such level.

The building should be finished late this year. To see and read more about the building:

– Update page for the AIANC Center for Architecture and Design
In North Carolina, a Gutsy Move : Huffingtonpost.com

Contemporary Art Museum

The Contemporary Art Musem (CAM) will be open on April 30th, 2011. This project has seen steady work throughout 2010 and will finally be finished in a few months.

CAM website

Justice Center

The massive Wake County Justice Center with its triple crane action has been discussed a lot on this site. We will see work taking place here all year. Completion is planned for the summer of 2013.

Project website

Green Square

Just like the Justice Center, Green Square has also been under construction all of last year and will continue through 2011. A combination of offices and the Nature Research Center will most likely open in 2012.

Green Square website [Update: Broken link]