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Wake County Justice Center construction in June 2012.

The Wake County Justice Center dominates the intersection of McDowell and Martin Streets. Almost three years ago, there was just a hole at this site.

For more trips down memory lane, over four years ago we’ve discussed the project and what buildings it has replaced.

The ugly parking deck, the Garland Jones building, and the Lawyers Building are all coming down for the expansion of the current site right next door.

via Justice Center Expansion, $200+ Million and a Historic Raleigh Cost.

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  1. Understand it’s a justice center, but does anyone know if there is a a cafe in this building for the public?

    I like the building, but should have been taller or at a minimum have a signature/creative roof line for a justice center – again, who is the architect/developer for this building? – someone else we can remove from the list for future consideration along with Empire and Craig and Associates (or whatever they call themselves – we just know they design ugly buildings)

  2. ^The architect did a fine job, what are you talking about? If you wanted it taller, you’d have to talk to who had asked for the building to be built: The Wake County Commissioners. They set the size and price they were willing to pay for it. The architect did an outstanding job here…when have you seen ANY government office building in the past half decade come close to being as nice as this one?
    Cafe on the bottom floor? I dunno if there’s one or just an employee cafeteria or what–but again I am sure that’s not the architect’s doing, but a decision by the county.

  3. I have to agree with RaleighRob. The architects did a fine job to make this building an interesting one. The height is not as much of an issue, given the nature of such buildings, but I must say that the county leaders could have done better by saving the previous buildings and building the new Justice Center on the West half of the block. This would have also forced the county commissioners to ask for a taller building, but even in its current form, the building is better than most thought it would be.

    Assuming my information is correct, there is one more thing to cheer about: The new Justice Center will be delivered on time and under budget. This is huge and I hope that the city leaders will be inspired and reconsider the original Public Safety Center vision ;)

  4. ^^Just realized I meant to say “half century” not half decade. But my point stands. :-)

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