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GoRaleigh Transit Station, April 2017

A sneak peek at the GoRaleigh Transit Station as it wraps up construction. We’re in the final weeks here and next week, all the bus routes will move back into the station. The renovations include new bathrooms, an upgraded kiosk, lots of digital signage, and smart card pay stations among others.

The walk from Moore Square to Fayetteville Street through the station as well as Exchange Plaza will be just delightful.

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  1. Two quick points:
    They have removed the pedestrian walkway to the parking deck. (I used this when I would walk from Moore square back to my car in the parking deck without fear of being run over.)
    They have removed the taller of the two staircases that included an architectural feature to the very bland brick deck. So now the parking deck just looks square, not pleasing in any way…sad in both cases!

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